Copy-writing/Copy-editing Services

I’m kind of into the writing thing. 

My name is Adaeze Diana and I want to write for YOU. 

Valuable content (on relationships, friends, family, spirituality, purpose, etc) that is engaging and influential? I’m your gal. 

Awesome storytelling chops? Yep, me.   

Proofreader/editor extraordinaire? Would it be completely narcissistic to say ME again? 

Who Am I Right For?

If you’re an editor of a print or online magazine looking for a feature or column writer, look no further. Check out some of my features, 5 Gifts of Rejection, 5 Fears That Are Good For You, and Victory.

If you already have the words crafted but need a professional pair of eyes, you've come to the right person. I’m a copy-editing geek. Seriously, I will spot all spelling, grammar, and organizational errors; it’s almost annoying. 

If you want a catchy slogan for your growing business, leave it to me - I love coming up with that stuff!

If you have any other writing services you’d like that I haven’t mentioned, please email me  at deserveyourgreatlife@gmail.com.