To be totally honest, when I started this blog I had absolutely NO IDEA what I was trying to do. I just knew I was sad, depressed, BROKE, and the only thing I had left to do was WRITE…I’ve always loved writing and storytelling from childhood so it was easy for me to get back into the groove of it. You see at the time I had a physical and mental mindset of 'LESS'...Job-LESS...Money-LESS...Purpose-LESS...Future-Husband-LESS...and worst of all, hope-LESS.

Truth is I had lost the most essential ingredient for a happy life...HOPE. Hope that the bad things in life had as much purpose as the good. Hope that there were still kind and compassionate people. Hope that I was significant and born with a purpose greater than myself. Hope that my unmet desires would one day be met as long as I worked hard, BELIEVED, and persevered. When I finally got fed up of sleeping in my quite comfortable rut of self-pity I decided to GET UP and find my hope again. Trust me, it wasn't easy. I literally went back to the beginning...child mode.

 I started soaking in as much good, positive, and uplifting information I could find and was once again AWED by our Creator as I once was as a kid. I started reading my Bible again. I held a regular seat in church again. YouTube became my new bestie...I started watching Super Soul Sundays on the OWN channel, Marie Forleo TV, Tony Robbins, Dr. Brene Brown, Jonathan Fields, Marianne Williamson, Gabrielle Bernstein, and all the other spiritual junkies out there teaching and motivating. Guess what? It worked! I made them a daily habit and slowly but surely injected hope back into my soul. I became OBSESSED with happiness and the practices of living a grateful and generous life. I started looking for the magical moments in my every day experiences (with people I know AND strangers I meet) and I can happily say I am not the same person I was before. I am a hopeful, awe-filled gal again with a clear purpose of spreading God and hope to young women in their 20s and 30s, just like me, through my words.

A year later, and one awesome spiritual awakening after, I FINALLY know what the purpose of this blog really is. It’s for US…YOU and ME! It’s a place of
HOPE, LOVE, GRATITUDE, GENEROSITY, and GOD filled with tidbits of inspiration and actionable motivation for any person that is feeling lost, lonely, sad, depressed, or hopeless who wants to be happy and fulfilled instead. We have this great gift called ‘LIFE’ and I want to help US (you and me) love and enjoy the heck out of it! So, stick around lovelies and join me as we start deserving our lives!:-)