Who is Adaeze? Well, here's the short version:

I’m a foodie. I will happily eat you out of house and home.

I’m obsessed with all tenets of love, hope, purpose, and joy.

I’m terrified of dogs. Yes, I know, I’m 27 and scared of dogs. Don’t judge me!

 I’m an extroverted introvert. Simply put, I like to be social and “paint the town red” once in a while but I much rather spend my time alone enjoying a good book or a good film…and eating of course…never forget eating.

I’m a writer…poetry, songs, stories, articles, blogs, you name it. One of my dreams is to become a professional a.k.a PAID screenwriter/script consultant...come on, a girl's got to be able to buy the food to feed herself.

I’m AWKWARD. No kidding, I am a complete W-I-E-R-D-O.  As in I laugh at inappropriate moments (like when I’m in a serious setting and nothing is funny), wave at random people I think are waving at me just to find out they're waving at the girl behind me, dance when no music is playing, and the list goes on and on.

 I am super sensitive…this one I’m working on.

My direction sense is nonexistent. If you ask me for directions, I must warn you, you do so at YOUR OWN risk. I've said my own, take it or leave it.

 I’m somewhat of a minimalist. I don’t like clutter and I don’t go “gaga” for name brand products but I must admit, there are certain products I refuse to live without, i.e. my Neutrogena facial cleanser and lip gloss.

 I’m not a fashionista…or beauty guru…or makeup expert.Sorry, Ive never really cared that much about the stuff.

I’m in awe of GOD…and his love for me and the unbelievable blessings/graces he has bestowed upon my life. He is TOO GOOD and I am truly undeserving.

I have a FAMILY…people who love me that I love and quite frankly couldn't possibly live without. We have our good, GREAT, bad, and UGLY moments, like all families, but damn are we blessed and grateful to have each other!

I’m a goofball. I love to laugh! The sound of laughter is honestly one of the best sounds in the world to me and I just love laughing and the light hearted feeling it brings me.

I can cook. I say this because I know we’re in the contemporary age and some folks think it’s no longer “hip” for a modern chica to cook but I seem to have missed the memo on that one lovelies…I throw down in the kitchen!

 I make the craziest faces. You can literally tell my mood (happy, sad, disgusted) simply by looking at my face.

Part of my life’s mission is to feed hungry, orphaned children around the world. I've always had a problem with the idea of people being hungry but especially children. I just can’t understand the fact that there are little, innocent children starving day in and day out, just praying for something to eat. I have to do something. It doesn't feel enough for me to just donate money to an organization. I'm going to have my own organization and travel the world delivering food and supplies to little kids.

That was pretty short right?