Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Employee No One Can Afford To Have

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The Divider.

From the beginning of time, the idea of "divide and conquer" has always been an effective strategy for overthrowing people and regimes, or colonizing nations.

Pitting one person against another, or one group against another group, within the same ecosystem works like a charm every single time.

It also applies in companies, institutions, and organizations. 

The Divider is your most dangerous employee. 

The Divider thrives in the lane of gossip, malice, and sabotage.

The Divider spends time planting seeds of discord and discontentment among employees which causes them to spend more time and energy on anger, bitterness, frustration, and resentment instead of creativity, collaboration, productivity, and maximizing profits. 

The Divider is a nuisance yet poses the greatest risk to your organization or institution's success.

I recently heard the story of a preacher famously noted for saying that he could easily forgive a remorseful church member that stole money and welcome him / her back into the church team but he could not allow any person known for having a spirit of division back into his team -- regardless of that person's deemed value. 

When looking at the opportunity cost of keeping or not keeping a divider, the scale does not lie -- the cost always outweighs the opportunity, no matter who it is. 

If you run or intend to run a company, organization, or institution, beware of the dividers. 

They constantly seek to plant themselves on "fertile soil" that they can destroy over time.

They will cost you productivity hours, a conducive working environment, the health & wellness of your team, and profits. 

If you know what's good for you, don't let a divider (or dividers) through your front door.

Na one "wahala" you no wan enter :)
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