Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate

Image result for turn back the battle at the gateIn case you don't already know, when you're at the helm of new growth or advancement, distractions surface for battle. 

Distractions don't ever announce themselves as distractions -- they come in the form of people, places, pressures, etc. "People" that provide more headache than help, "places" that are fueled by toxic vibes, "pressures" that heap on feelings of overwhelm and stress.

They have one job -- to derail you off track. To transfer your mind, energy and time from productive efforts and initiatives to wasted thoughts, fears, disputes, and worries.

There's only one thing for you to do to consistently win and not become prey to distractions:

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate. 

Simply refuse to entertain the distraction. Don't feed into it. Don't fuel it. Don't welcome it -- turn it back around. 

2018 is a great year -- I can feel it and it makes me all giddy inside like a school girl :)

In 2017, I was an easy target for distractions -- when they came, I conceded defeat and got swept up in the madness. The distractions had an easy win almost every time.

In 2018, the distractions have already started showing up again -- as is only right since they have a "job" to do. The difference is that I am more prepared for them than I was before. I now practice something that diffuses their power. I simply...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate. 

I have too much "good" to focus on. There is no time and energy for distractions. There is no time and energy, or desire even, to entertain the "wahala" they bring. There is only time for myopic focus on personal development and to...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate.

There is much for you to do and achieve in 2018 and beyond. There is much for you to enjoy and laugh about. There is much for you to experience with those you love, that you trust and are happy to be around. There is also a bucket load of distractions just waiting to rain down on you. So, I suggest you do this one thing and make it a regular habit...

Turn Back the Battle at the Gate.

If you turn enough of your distractions back at the gate, they end up having to fight themselves while you get to escape in peace.

I've already started doing this and I'm much happier, dare I say "peaceful", for it :)

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  1. I love this! Staying, joyful, peaceful and winning all the way!

  2. This really hit home Ada. I've been reveling in my distractions. They've been consuming me really, I know it, I'm aware ,it's frustrating but I dont want to let them go. They're exciting, new, challenging but they're a hindrance and theyre toxic, unfortunately. My goals are more important to me and those distractions cloud my judgement sometime but I feel like, like how a drug addict might feel they can kick the habit, I feel like I can ignore these.. I just needed a sign to wake me up and tell it's time get focused again. Those distractions are sneaky buggers. You don't even realize they're distractions until after your life is affected by themm..

    Turning back the battle at the gate..


    1. Thank you for honestly sharing Lakeisha -- I appreciate it! Truth Distractions can be very attractive so no, it isn't always "easy" to turn back the battle at the gate however the more effort and consistency you put in to do so as each battle rears its head, the easier it becomes over time :)

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