Saturday, January 27, 2018

When "They" Come Out To Play

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You know who they are. 

When you have an idea...they come out to tell you the 101 reasons why you shouldn't move forward with it.

When you fail...they come out to insult, mock, and kick you while down.

When you choose peace and sanity...they visit you with chaos, disorder, and headache. 

When you make the effort to be kind and inclusive, they repay you with mean-spirited actions, demeaning words, and gossip. 

They always know when to show up, it's like clockwork.

And that can be highly annoying. 


There's something they haven't figured out yet that should bring some comfort your way. 

They actually work for you.

When they doubt your ideas?  
They push you to question yourself and ensure you have a worthy idea with a solid plan to back it up. 

When they laugh or insult your failures?  
They test your perseverance and help you develop the "comeback muscle" that you will leverage on to produce better outcomes the next time around (whatever the case may be for you). 

When they throw chaos and disorder your way?  
They remind you the importance of developing a "peace that surpasses all understanding" mindset which allows you to remain calm and centered in the midst of anything; from background noise to complicated whatever else you find yourself surrounded by. 

When they repay your kindness with ugliness?  
They teach you that you won't always get what you give however, their ugliness can inspire you to have genuine appreciation for those you come across in life who are kind and full of beauty. 

Believe it when I tell you they work for you. 

They are providing an environment to push you beyond your perceived limits, to strengthen your endurance level for pain, and to equip you with the tenacity to keep aiming for greater heights. 

The sweet part?  

They work for you for free -- best cost-saving scheme ever
You should probably send 'em a thank you gift :)
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  1. This is seeing the good side to everything. I like!

  2. This is seeing the good side to everything. I like!

  3. So true.. Never thought of it this way. Thanks for sharing

    1. You're welcome Alicia -- when we shift our perspective and start to see everything that happens in life as "for us" instead of "to us", then we always stay winning :)