Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Recap and 2018 Action Items

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 Welcome to 2018 everyone!

I hope you're excited for what's in store this year.

As I did at the beginning of last year, I'll be sharing a recap of my 2017 experience and plans for 2018, via "themed categories", with updates on 2017 action items I had and what they are for 2018.


2017 Action Items
  • Travel to at least 3 additional states within Nigeria (outside my home base)
    •  Achieved
      • Lagos: She Leads Africa SLAY event
      • Jos: FUN-related wedding matters with friends, food, and shisha :)
      • Sokoto: work-related matters to supervise project implementation
  • Travel to at least 2 African countries 
    • Overachieved
      • Niger Republic (work)
      • Liberia (work)
      • Sierra Leone (work)
      • Chad (work)
      • Kenya (PURE FUN:)
2018 Action Items
  • Travel to at least 3 additional states within Nigeria I've never visited
  • Travel to at least 2 countries outside of Nigeria   


2017 Action Items
  • Create and stick to a strict monthly budget
    • 75% Achieved 
      • What can I say? Some months come with unforeseen demands
  • Document my weekly expenses and review monthly
    •  75% Achieved
      • On average, I was pretty good with this; could've been better
  • Get disciplined with tithing
    • 100% Achieved 
      • Finally! 
2018 Action Items
  • Stick to a strict monthly budget
  • Document my weekly expenses and review monthly 
  • Remain disciplined with tithing


2017 Action Items: 

  • Reignite my awe and reverence for the beauty and magnificence of God and how He operates in my life (His grace, His mercy, and His blend of justice)
    •  50% Achieved
      • If I'm honest, in the second half of the year I  had many days where complaints and a lack of gratitude took over instead
  • Daily gratitude journal: write 5 things I'm grateful for at night before bed
    • 50% Achieved 
      • Started strong in the first half of the year; dropped off afterwards
  • Give more empathy, forgiveness, and energy to name a few things
    • 75% Achieved 
      • Made a conscious effort to do this; could have done even better
2018 Action Items
  • Start and end my day with "thank you"
  • Give more empathy and forgiveness to others 
  • Give less energy to worry 
  • Say "NO" to toxic, waste-my-damn-time, not-good-for-my-blood-pressure relationships (especially the one I've been prone to have with myself)


2017 Action Items
  • Upload a post at least once a week (48 in total)
    • 48% Achieved 
      • Kai! 23 out of 48 expected posts (*covers face with hands*)
      • Do work-specific posts on an organization's blog count? If so, I can bump up to 56% :)
  • Diversify the blog with posts on varied themes
    • Achieved 
      • Wrote posts on career, money, relationships, and more
  • Revive the "Get Crazy" Series: Steve HarrisKola Olaosebikan, Moyo Mamora
    •  Not Achieved
  • Transfer from Blogger to WordPress
    • Not Achieved
  • "Special Event" coming soon
    • Not Achieved    

2018 Action Items
  • Upload at least 48 posts in 2018
  • Keep the post topics diversified
  • Finally transfer from Blogger to WordPress
  • Finally hold the "Special Event"  in January -- super excited about this one!


2017 Action Items
2018 Action Items
  • Intentionally read EVEN MORE

There we have it folks, my 2017 at a retrospective glance and a snippet of my 2018 plans. 

Cheers to 2018 being a year filled with more genuine love, laughter, learning, fulfillment, and over 90% of action items achieved for us all :)

What were some of your highlights and misses of 2017? What's one major thing on your action items list for 2018?

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  1. Love love this post. I love how you analysed 2017 and listed your 2018 goals in line with 2017. Happy New Year.

    1. Happy New Year and thank you for commenting! Any burning 2018 goals on your mind this year?

  2. You're officially my mentor! I struggled with a lot last year and too ashamed to write a recap of my 2017 on my blog as well as 2018 goals but with this pure honesty, I am motivated to write mine. Thanks for sharing

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Alicia, no shame necessary dear! I clearly "missed" the mark on several 2017 action items. Cheers to a greater 2018. Looking forward to reading your post :)