Thursday, June 29, 2017

15 Questions with Adaeze Obiako (Part IV)

Aloha, folks :)

Here's the fourth post in the "15 Questions with Adaeze Obiako" series; with questions in pink and answers in blue. Read, enjoy, and leave your answers to the questions down in the comments section below. 

Q1. What are three words others might use to describe you?
A. Hmmm...stubborn, considerate, and endearing. 

Q2. What is your first memory of life?
A. Eating. It really doesn't matter where, I just know that wherever I was, there was food and I was consuming it. 

Q3. What's one not-so-typical thing you're excited about?
A. Future laughs that are yet to come. 

Q4. How do you feel about Ivanka Trump?
A. Well poised, well spoken, and passionate about the empowerment of women. Funny enough, my sister Nkiru and I ran into her at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport years ago -- she smiled and said a few kind words, which we appreciated. 

Q5. What's one sound you love?
A. The sound of rain at night hitting the window panes when I'm indoors on the couch watching a movie -- very specific, I know :)

Q6. What made you laugh yesterday? 
A. An inside joke my mom and I shared -- I'll leave it at that :)

Q7. What's one thing that brings you satisfaction?
A. Ticking items off my to-do list (personal or professional).

Q8. What is one of the weirdest things you remember doing in your past?
A. When I was stressed or overwhelmed during the day in University -- I'd go into the Chapel we had on campus when no one was there, have an open discussion with God, and then take a 1 hour nap. I think about this and smile because I always felt at peace there. I did this for about one semester. 

Q9. What should every woman try at least once alone?
A. Go out to a restaurant or got to the movie theater or go on a trip at least once by yourself. It might seem scary or embarrassing to some ladies however there's something beautiful and liberating about learning to enjoy your own company. 

Q10. What are two quotes that have recently been heavy on your mind?
A. "The peace that we are looking for is not peace that crumbles as soon as there is difficulty or chaos. Whether we're seeking inner peace or global peace or a combination of the two, the way to experience it is to build on the foundation of unconditional openness to all that arises. Peace isn't an experience free of challenges or free of rough and smooth, it's an experience that's expansive enough to include all that arises without feeling threatened." - Pema Chodron

"When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's that simple." - Paulo Coelho

Q11. What's one thing you've done in the past that you'd happily do again?
A. Years ago, my best friend and I went to the Coyote Ugly bar in New Orleans (midday) and danced on the bar top to the song "Roxanne" by The Police. "Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light. Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light. Those days are over!" BEST TIME EVER. 

Q12. What's one thing you'd like to try in the near future?
A. Indoor skydiving (indoor being the operative word).

Q13. What's one new TV show you're excited to see?
A. The Handmaid's Tale. It's based on the novel by Margaret Atwood about a dystopian society, run by fundamentalists, that is dealing with environmental disasters and a declining birth rate -- where women (especially fertile women) are treated as property of the state. 

Q14. What is one thing that might surprise people to know about you?
A. I've never been to a funeral. 

Q15. What's one thing you'd like to be remembered for?
A. My capacity for unwarranted kind gestures towards others...alongside a host of many things. 

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  1. I smiled reading through. Questions 5,7&9 seems familiar to me.

    1. Glad to hear the answers resulted in a smile on your face and not a quizzical look, Augustina :)

      Q's 5,7, and 9 were the most straightforward for me -- especially the point about doing things "solo" as a woman; it's so important to find satisfaction in your own company.