Monday, May 29, 2017

Dear Quiet Rebels

Dear Quiet Rebels, 

I'm sure you've been told that rebels are loud and proud and require copious amounts of attention. I'm sure you've been told that rebels are daily seekers of new, unconventional, and exciting forms of stimulation -- unable to find satisfaction in the simplicity of routine, process, and predictability. I'm sure you've been told that rebels don't accept being told what to do and don't like to function within rules or boundaries.  

For some rebels, that's true. 

However, I want to tell you about a different type of rebel. 

The rebel that revels in the peace of quiet and the joy found in stolen moments of solitude. The rebel that has no need for the fickle spotlight and steps back while others fight one another, clawing their way towards center stage. The rebel that knows better than to waste time attempting to re-invent the wheel when it's obvious that reusing old and proven methods is far wiser and time efficient. The rebel that knows noise does not always equate knowledge and much prefers to let his/her creative outputs do the talking. The rebel that dares to live as he/she chooses, not based on whatever trend is "en vogue", and willingly accepts the crowd's reactionary laughter or label of "boring" as long as it means remaining true to him/herself. 

The rebel that knows there is logic in order and process, with happiness and fulfilment intrinsically linked to structure. The rebel that knows rebellion is not always about "daring to be different" but many times more about "daring to be simply and beautifully you", which won't always mean going against the grain

So, to quiet rebels everywhere, I implore you to accept your "rebel" status even when others don't. I implore you to appreciate the freedom you've found in clearly defined boundaries and limits -- after all, the wisdom and safety of rules dates back to biblical times, e.g. "The Ten Commandments" :) 

And above everything, I hope you learn (if you haven't already) that there's nothing wrong with your mode of rebellion as long as you remain a quiet rebel with a cause.

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