Saturday, February 25, 2017

The One Money Mistake That Keeps People Poor

It's called the mindset of "less".  

The mindset of "less" stems from the belief that you are always at a disadvantage and manifests through the words you speak, the actions you take, and even your body language. It applies to much more than money -- family, relationships, work, physical wellbeing, etc. 

I know it well. I was a willing subscriber to that school of thought not too many years ago, which I wrote about in my post 33 Quotes That Helped Save My Life. It's a dangerous space to live in when your mind is consumed with thoughts that leave you in a slumped, destitute state.

For money specifically, examples of a mindset of less include constantly saying things like "I never have enough money", "I am always broke", "me and money don't get along", "this my poor life na serious matter", and "my pockets constantly stay empty". Another example of a mindset of less includes being extremely stingy with money, never willing to release a single naira or dollar, for fear that any amount you give out ultimately means you are "losing" and leaves you at a loss (I share more in-depth thoughts about "giving" in my post, The #2 Lie you Tell Yourself About Giving). 

From experience, I've learned that taking a negative approach in thoughts, words, and actions when it comes to money is the wrong way to go. Much of how we experience life is based on what we say over our lives and how we act in accordance. Think about it. 

Have you ever noticed that there are some people who seemingly earn "less" yet are constantly able to accommodate their basic needs, meet up with their bills, and still save a reasonable portion of their income monthly? Have you also noticed that there are some people who seemingly earn "more" yet are constantly complaining about not having enough money, not being able to manage their bills, who end up with nothing in savings at the end of the month?

Whether we earn 40,000 naira monthly or 400,000 naira or 4,000,000 naira, our money mindset and vocabulary is at the heart of how we will experience money in our lives. If you want a richer life, you need to develop a richer mindset along with a richer vocabulary. Speak wealth into your life. "I always have what I need", "I have more than enough money in my life", "the more I give, the more I receive". Don't just say the words, believe them. 

Putting a wealthy mindset and vocabulary into practice can work great wonders in your life; conversely, indulging a poverty mindset and vocabulary can make money a depressing topic in your life, no matter how much or little you have. 

So the question is, which mindset will you choose to live from in your life? 

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  1. Great Article Ada. I enjoyed it. This was one of those articles that I wanted to completely absorb and assimilate like a sponge but I think that you probably didn't do enough justice to the topic.

    To be frank, there are so many "mind issues" we all have when it comes to money that prevent us from reaching our financial "Canaan". I was hoping that you would identify a couple of these self-defeating mental patterns so that your readers (me especially) could critically examine themselves to identify whether they've been caught in such a pattern or are in danger of falling into one of those patterns.

    To be honest, It'd be absolutely terrific if you could do an article highlighting these mental traps that would be sort of definitive. I consider some of your articles such as "Should Christian women wear Bikinis" definitive and I periodically go back to re-read the powerful nuggets you highlighted. I'm waiting for a seminal financial article from you also.