Saturday, February 20, 2016

If You Were Single and Sad on Valentine's Day

 You might have hoped that by this time, this year, your single status would have changed but it didn’t.

You’re disappointed.

You might have gone on Instagram and seen pictures of ladies and gents “booed up” with their significant others on that “day of love”, while you sat at home alone watching The Notebook, eating a large pepperoni pizza, and possibly shedding a bucket load of few tears.

You’re lonely.

You might have felt your family and friends recently giving you the “how sad…she’s still a poor, single gal” look that makes for quite the discomfort.

You’re ashamed.

You might have looked in the bathroom mirror this morning just to see a new line or wrinkle has crept up on your face, reminding you that not only have you crossed the 30 year mark, you’re also physically “depreciating” as the age rolls in. Who will want to be with you now?
You’re afraid.

So, what are you to do with yourself? 

One option: tell the truth.

You’re allowed to say that you don’t like being single – if you don’t.  You’re allowed to say that you desire to be married – if you do. You’re allowed to say that you are afraid of possibly being single forever – if you are.

You don’t owe anyone to be “single and happy” on Valentine’s Day...or any other day.

However, you might owe it to yourself to be “single and actively working on my personal & spiritual development”.

So that if and when your single status changes to “taken”, you’ll find yourself equipped to be more of a blessing to that person than a burden.

Consider that the real sadness isn’t being single on Valentine’s Day…or any other day. Consider that the real sadness is waking up years down the road, struggling in your marriage, to find out there was so much wisdom, growth, and enjoyment you could have gained when single that would have helped your future relationship but instead you missed out on because all your energy was spent praying away the gift that was your single period.

But never mind what I think. 

What do you think?
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    1. Thank you, Frank -- much appreciated :)

  2. I think first of all...welcome bac
    The no explanation for your absence is intentional eh lol
    Just glad you're back.

    And on singlehood, you got it's a time to grow and be better equipped To be a blessing..
    #grace on us all

    1. Thank you Frances, my dear. And my apologies for no explanation as to my absence!

      No better explanation other than I was out of sorts and lost my writing mojo for a bit.

      How are you, my dear? I hope you're well :)