Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review: Chastity for Men

Today’s post is a review of the recently released eBook, “Chastity for Men”, by the ever-joyful and ever-smiling Frances Okoro of Imperfectly Perfect Lives. Frances is one of the people I have had the great fortune of getting to know via blogville and I am so glad we connected because she is such a positive and encouraging spirit.

First off, I want to applaud Frances for choosing to tackle the topic of sexual purity in men; it’s not an easy one to address – especially since we live in such an overtly sexual world where even a handshake can turn a person on. It’s a courageous step she’s taken and I respect her effort.
The book starts off with Frances detailing her personal struggles with sexual impurity and how she made it to the other side to discover a beautiful, strong, and fruitful relationship with God. From then on, the book chronicles the first-hand accounts of several brave young men that have made the decision to remain abstinent until marriage and how they successfully deal with the lustful desires and sexual temptations they are confronted with on a consistent basis. The wisdom found in the pages of this book is impressive.

What I especially love is the openness and vulnerability each person sharing their story displays (Frances included). As I read each individual story, I was grateful at how honest they were about their experiences and my thought was that this book needs to get into the hands of as many young men as possible. I know that reading how other men have escaped the bonds of sexual sin will come as such an encouragement and relief for men that are living in fear and shame about their battle with sexual impurity. I also appreciate that the book is filled with scriptural references that point the reader back to the Bible for further study and revelation.

The book is relevant and timely for those of us living in the world today and I believe it will be a huge blessing for every person that takes the opportunity to read it. And although the title says “Chastity for Men”, don’t let that keep you away ladies - there is so much that women (mothers, sisters, girlfriends, etc) can learn from it and share with the boys/men in their lives to help them on their chastity walk. And being the considerate gal that Frances is, she has even added a special bonus chapter dedicated solely to women so ladies, get your reading on.

And I can’t forget to mention that Chastity for Men is 100% FREE – just click the link,, to download your copy.

Frances did a great job with this eBook and I’m thankful she wrote it. I hope you find it to be as beneficial and engaging of a read as I did.

Until the next post folks, which will be up sometime this week.

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Frances Okoro is a lawyer by profession, writer and Christian blogger by passion/calling. She loves God, love, laughter, and takes her status as a Light Bearer in the world very seriously. She is an adventure-seeker and a huge fan of traveling solo when there is no one to tag along. You can find her climbing mountains and hills on days when the adventure bug hits her - which it almost always does. Visit her blog,, for more awesome words of encouragement from her. 

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  1. Need to read her blog.
    Sounds like a good book.
    Wonder if it's being released for bloggers to review because I will be interested


    1. Hey Onyxsta! I hope you've gotten the chance to read "Chastity for Men". Frances really did a great job with it.

  2. Thank you Onystar... yes, the book is very much open to reviews by bloggers, pls send me a mail at and I will send you a copy.

  3. And Ada...will just say that I am grateful for this...I mega appreciate you!

    1. Aww, you're welcome Frances! My pleasure :)