Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Should Christian Women Wear Bikinis In Public?

I have hit a hot topic here. I know that “modesty” is a touchy-touchy subject in the Christian community.

“Of course I can wear my bikini to the beach. It’s 2014! Get with the program!”

“Abeg, calm down. What is your own sef? No be just bikini. Everyone wears them.”

“The only people that refuse to wear bikinis are the ones that are ashamed of their body. I’m proud of my body. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

“Female oppression! Female oppression! You don’t want me to express myself. You don’t want me to be an individual. Female oppression!”

Hear me out :)

Whenever young ladies ask me what I think about wearing bikinis in public (and by public I mean in full view , I always respond with a question I've asked myself recently:

"Would you wear your underwear in public?"

Seriously, would you?

If your answer is "No", this post is especially for you.
Now why wouldn't you wear your underwear out in public?

I’m assuming it’s because you find it “inappropriate” and “uncomfortable”. You might even say “scandalous” and "ungodly".

Then how come to the same mind that finds wearing underwear outside "scandalous", wearing bikinis in public is 100% okay?

It doesn’t actually add up.

The amount of fabric is about what and what between the two. In fact, there are some bikinis that are made of less fabric than some underwear pieces.

Something about that seems terribly off.

Not to mention that the original purpose behind the "bikini" is nothing to boast about.

Let’s go back in time a bit; back to the inception of the “bikini”. The bikini was created by French Engineer Louis Reard back in 1946. He named it after the site of the atomic bomb testing that year, Bikini ATOL,  because he believed that the public’s reaction to it would be like that of an atomic bomb explosion. And he was right. The bikini caused quite the commotion. It was considered so scandalous that no French model would agree to wear it (I'll take a wild guess here and assume it's because they likened it to wearing underwear) and he had to hire a French stripper to model his design.

That should tell us something.

Then the 1960s hit, and with it the sexual revolution. The bikini eventually became an international hit and now it’s almost impossible to find young girls/women that don’t wear them. But loves, just because something becomes "popular", doesn't mean it becomes any less inappropriate or ungodly.
Bikinis are still very much scandalous.
But, let’s not stop at words. Let’s have some images too of the evolution of the bikini. After all, a picture says a thousand words, right?
French Stripper Micheline Bernardini premiering the first-ever bikini in 1946
Loves, let’s lay out the truth and let the chips fall as they may:

Wearing bikinis in public is an immodest choice.
If you’re going to wear a bikini out in public, you might as well wear your underwear out in public (or based on the diminishing fabric of bikinis these days, go stark naked). I mean, let’s be honest, the difference is almost non-existent.

Now I know I cannot tell you what to wear or what not to wear...I'm not trying to. However, I am hoping to inspire you to become more MINDFUL of the fact that everything in your life tells a story and has an impact on you & others - including your clothing (or lack thereof). And, just because “everyone” is doing something doesn’t mean it’s right nor does it mean that you should do it too.

Why should that be a concern of yours if you're a Christian woman?

Well, because I've come to realize that as a Christian I cannot allow culture or societal trends or celebrities to serve as the guidepost of the choices I make in my life because I am called to listen to God's Perfect Word and Will  - which society hardly ever considers.

So, if you're a Christian gal trying to decide whether you should frolic down a packed beach in a skimpy two-piece or not, I’ll turn back to my original question: 

"Would you wear your underwear in public?"

If your answer is “No”, then you’ve also answered your question about bikinis too.

You just might not realize it...yet :)

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What are your thoughts on this one, loves? Do you wear bikinis out in public and have no reservations about it? Do you intentionally choose not to wear bikinis in public for moral reasons? Leave a comment below - I'm super excited to know what you think about this topic! :)

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  1. So timely, i and some of my female friends had this discussion some time ago. I think as a Christian Woman it is totally inappropriate.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ifeoma! My hope is to plant the seed of mindfulness in as many Christian women as possible that are confused about the issue.

  2. Lovely write up loving it.

    Question indeed!

    It takes revelation to conform to this insight. Knowing your self worth will make you value your body and how you portray. Most girls in provocative scandalous bikinis are seeking for sexual attention.. Why? You need to find out for yourself.

    I only want my husband to be privilege to view my haut sexy Victoria secret va va voom body.
    So am not ruling out bikini for my man's eyes only in the privacy of our pool area. But publicly I am like am not sharing this hautness with others, so I have conformed to cover up. Boxer swim pants or swimsuit.
    How does this relate to being a Christian woman. Upon meditating on this topic, (because I couldn't justify why it wasn't right), I finally came to revelation, my body is the temple of God. I need to respect my body, for God, myself, spouse and others.

    Rom12:1-2 by renewing your mind. It didn't take me overnight to get to this revelation so I equally give room to other Christian women. In their own time and space they will get it.

    p.s hautness= hotness

    1. Thanks for commenting! I love that you took the time to meditate on the matter and came to the realization that your body is a temple of God and it is deserving of respect.

      Like you, I did not appreciate this truth overnight and I do believe that everyone has a different timeline of revelation. However, I do believe that it was the godly seeds people planted for me along the way that helped me accept God's truth and I know it is a responsibility I have to share what has been given to me - the way others did for me.

  3. My husband likes me wearing a bikini on the beach and by the pool so this is not an issue for me and I personally like using a cover up.

    I remember growing with so many rules about what women should and shouldn't wear (trousers, weave and even makeup). As I have grown in my relationship with God I have learnt that is it important to let people grow in their relationship Holy Spirit and let him convict them in His time.

    There was this girl that used to dress so immodest in my church, see-through tops, cut off shorts and everything. One day I decided to talk to her about it cos that is what you do right..? The Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks instead I became friends with forward a year later she is a different woman on fire for God and we never spoke about 'her dressing' but she is more modest most Christian ladies.

    The Holy Spirit did a good work in her and He is able to convict people in HIS time. I personally don't believe in telling people what to and not to wear.

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Jemima!

      First, let me say that I'm on the same page with you when it comes to people growing in relationship with the Holy Spirit - it will happen in God's time, not my own. And I love the story you shared about the girl at Church because I do believe there are times when we are convicted to be quiet and not force our opinions down another's throat.

      However, I also believe that the same Holy Spirit which convicts us to be quiet in some instances is also the same Holy Spirit that convicts us to speak with courage and honesty about God's Word and Will in other instances. When I think about my life, I think of all the godly seeds that had been planted into me by others when I had absolutely no interest in the Word or Ways of God - those are the seeds that are growing in my life today. I know with all assurance that God specifically used certain people to minister to me in those moments when I especially didn't want to hear it because He knew I would need that wisdom to refer to when times get confusing or tough for me on my faith walk.

      But, what if no one had ministered to me growing up? What if no one had cared enough to plant godly seeds in my spirit (many of which took root and started growing years later)? What if everyone in my life and everyone who encountered me had decided to leave me to my own destructive devices without attempting to shed some light on my life for me?

      I don't believe I would be where I am today. And trust me, I have much more developing to do on my road of faith but it would be remiss of me not to give credit to those that planted godly seeds in me for being this far at all.

      As much as I believe that there are times people don't speak up on an issue due to conviction of the Holy Spirit (I know I've been convicted to shut up more than once! lol), I also believe that many times it is due to fear and not the Holy Spirit. I think many times we are afraid of being criticized for speaking up or afraid of losing popularity and being ostracized by others. I don't want to be someone that pick's pleasing people over making an effort to expose them to the saving grace of Christ and godly living.

      So, when I write an article like this, I do it knowing that many won't like it but also knowing that there will be some that benefit from it because it will plant a seed with a message of the importance of godly mindfulness in their actions and choices - and those that benefit from it are a greater motivation for me to continue than those that despise it are a motivation for me to stop.

  4. A guy that i was just getting to know and was not yet comfortable with recently kept forcing "us" to go swimming. I'm a well-rounded woman but i love my body (even if i were skinny), I couldn't understand the fuss and was very uncomfortable and it was a big turn-off for me. Nice article! I've been told i take this Christian thing too seriously but even if i weren't a Christian, my morals would still stand. WWJD?

    1. Thank you for your kind comment on the post, Eny! First, huge kudos to you for loving your body :) Second, I love that you didn't just concede to the guy's request simply because he asked. If you're not comfortable with a request, you have the right to decline. Third, I'd rather be taking this "Christian thing" seriously than taking lack of care and concern for Christ seriously :)

  5. Very insightful piece but ermm what other Godly options are out there that won't make Christian sisters look like 'Mary Amaka' . Seriously I would go with Jemimas view about people growing in their walk with God and those who are 'spiritually matured' should not become assistant holyspirits *runsaway*


    1. Thanks for the comment Temitope! Don't runaway now! Lol. Please check out my response to Jemima's comment on why I wrote the article and why I believe it is more helpful than harmful.

      And please tell me, what is wrong with the "Mary Amaka" look? :)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading the post, Shadrach :)

  7. I have never thought about my thoughts about this. Basically because I don't swim and have never had a choice to wear a bikini or not.

    But your question can indeed serve as a check on us and I also say motive is also.
    And also the question of whether or not it glorifies us being the temple of God.
    Also what would Jesus do? Would He open His body that way or not?
    #heart check

    1. Dalu, Frances! I had no real care for the matter either growing up but it is recently that I have begun to understand the gravity of "the bikini" and just how mindful we need to become if we want to grow and serve as Christians that truly live to follow Christ and honor God with our bodies too.

      Like you mentioned, what is the motive behind wearing it? It's a question to ponder in with all decisions - not just when it comes to wearing bikinis :)

  8. Omg!!! i looooooooooove you and this post. please tell them, if i talk, they say we are being extreme Christians.
    Thumbs up

    1. Lol, thank you for reading and commenting Nachi! I knew talking about bikinis would not sit well with some folks but I feel convicted to share about it so I'm going with my conviction on this one. As for being an "extreme Christian", I want to grow in courage to share MORE about God's truth and goodness sef :)

  9. In reply to jemima.....
    you are free to wear it for your husband "only" since he loves it.
    Another question i would ask is would you wear a bikini to witness? say you are at the beach and the holy spirit asks you to witness to someone, would you wear a bikini to do so?
    What would Jesus do?
    Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle. If you are on a bikini and the trumpet sounds, will you make it?
    Evaluate yourself with these question in whatever you are doing

    1. Hi Nachi, I understand what you are saying but I do not agree with you.

      If the Holy Spirt asks me to witness to someone while wearing a bikini, I will do it wholeheartedly cos He knew I was wearing a bikini before he asked me. And like I said before I like wearing a cover up.

      As for the trumpet sounding....are you kidding me! I am the righteousness of Christ and I commune with him all day, I am born again and a new creation, so if the trumpets sounds, I'm going whether I am wearing a bikini on the beach, praying in church or having a glass of wine with my friends.

      I know who I am in Christ and unless he convicts me not to wear a bikini it is not sin. If the Holy Spirit convicts you not to wear a bikini then to you it is sin.

  10. I see where you are coming from. I want to understand if you are using the word bikini to cover all swimsuits or you are specifically referring to the bikini.

    I agree that I would not wear my underwear in public because 1. It wasn't designed for that 2. There is no occasion that calls for it.

    I would however wear a bathing suit to the beach or to the pool. The bikinis you features are amongst the most provocative ones I've seen and some of them are less provocative like the crop tops + high waisted pants. I wouldn't take pictures of myself in a bikini to put on social media because it's only meant for the beach and the pool not on social media.

    i believe your thought process while wearing a bikini at the beach/pool is what's important. If you are thinking of not making your brothers/sisters stumble, you'll choose the right thing suit that reflects that.

    Thanks for sharing though. God bless you xx

  11. Hi, i am really glad i discovered your blog today and i am proud we still have people of right minds who have allowed the boldness of Christ to be in them to air out the truth. This was quite well said.

  12. I personally don't wear bikinis in public (not because I think it's inappropriate but because i don't like water and i pretty much never go near anything that can get me wet if i can help it LOL).

    That said, my perspective is that clothing is quite subjective to personal interpretation. Take for example, our ancestors in Africa. Many of the women used to walk around with their breasts bare. I don't think anyone sees those historic pictures and interprets the women's actions as inappropriate or indecent.

    So i guess for me, this particular issue boils down to one's conscience as the ultimate deciding factor for what is right or wrong for each individual :) great post by the way. You have a really nice way of hitting on topics that many others would shy away from. muchas kudos!

  13. It's all about conviction. I don't see anything wrong with it, in itself.

  14. Just started reading your blog and I must say em impressed. Nice job! I love this topic n I promise 2 share the link. The truth is simply d truth weda its acceptable or not. This is the truth so let's keep ourselves in check if we say we are Christians. God help us.