Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The GOOD Purpose of Your "Haters"

The ‘good’ purpose of my haters? They have no good purpose; they’re my haters!”

Stop. Take a breather. Hear me out for a moment.
As someone who believes in purpose, and that all things have a reason for being, I was intrigued to figure out what on earth the people I considered my “haters” could be purposed for. As far as I was concerned growing up, “haters” were miserable critics that needed to be dismissed and ignored at a moment’s notice. To me, they were “enemy #1” and I didn’t see any reason to think differently.
Well, like I wrote in my recent post for Bella NaijaMagazine (I know, such a shameless plug :), I’ve come to realize that our “haters” are not our worst enemies and it is in fact our “egos” that are doing the most damage. To take it even further, there are specific purposes that “haters” are intended to fulfill in our lives. Here are two of them:

1.       Your “hater” is there to test your faith. They exist to question what you say you believe and confirm that you truly have the faith you claim to have. Faith can only be found true when it is TESTED. Do you still have faith in God when everyone around you says that He doesn’t exist? Do you still have faith in God’s calling on your life when everyone around you criticizes your purpose and/or calls it foolish? Do you still have faith that God is truly with you when people condemn you for your faith and you feel alone? Do you still decide to choose your faith over your fears even though your mind is littered with doubts? Your hater is there to help YOU lean into your faith MORE and stretch the depths of it FURTHER – even though they don’t realize it.

2.       Your “hater” is there to add to your GSET – Greatest Story Ever Told. Take a look at history; all great stories of great men and women INCLUDE “haters”. People that opposed their views. People that condemned and criticized their causes. People that mocked and laughed at them. People that considered them “crazy”. We all know Jesus Christ had serious “haters”. Shoot, they took their hate all the way to the cross! Mother Teresa had “haters”. Abraham Lincoln had “haters”. Rosa Parks had “haters”. Mahatma Gandhi had “haters”.  I’m sure Buddhist monks have their fair share of “haters” too. Don’t be surprised by the existence of your “haters”. It is your “haters” that add the spice to your Greatest Story Ever Told.
Do your best to stop taking your “haters” so personally, loves – that’s an “ego” issue.  Accept that they exist (you don't have to be best friends lol), can be used by God for GOOD purposes, and will be some of the KEY ingredients added for your GSET. So, don't waste your time bad-mouthing your "haters" - pray for them instead.
In fact, if you’re feeling extra enlightened & super mature (I said “if” o!), you might want to personally thank them :)
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What are your thoughts on this topic, loves? Do you believe your "haters" can have a good purpose in your lives? Or do you think your "haters" are unacceptable? Do you have an experience with a "hater" you'd like to share? Leave a comment below - I want to know!:)

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  1. You go ahead and shamelessly plug, girl! lol :p
    Another thoughtful post and interesting perspective on the role our egos play in how we view criticism.. At the end of the day, haters will be who they are. We get to choose how we respond!

    1. Thank you my dear! A shameless plug or two no go hurt person, right? Lol.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, George!!! It's a topic worth reviewing constantly. I'm happy you liked the post :)

  3. Good post. I also want to include the people that hold believe that God doesn't exist even when a lot of people around them want to force them into believing that he exists. The ones that believe that the supreme being that exists is their higher selves.

    And that all they need do is to find ways (outside a religious gathering/setting) to nurture the elements of their Human Spirit (Love, Hope, Humility, Patience, Courage, Optimism, Rebellion, Beauty, Faith, Modesty......) so that they can grow in spirituality and then tap into this self.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on the post, Mordi! You definitely address another factor in the equation. The idea that somehow we are our own "gods" and God does not exist is a prevalent school of thought for many people today and we must be careful as believers and Christians not to get sucked into it.

  4. Omg thank you so much for this blog. I too have been having a Less moment right now. I don't feel like doing anything which is not me because I enjoy tO smile. I don't know where to turn or even how to turn, but I want to thank you. Earlier today I said I was going to do and read anything positive and your blog started my journey. Everyday is a step to something better, but God is bigger and more powerful than anything I can go through. So I'll just give Him the load and smile along the way. Reading your "About Blog" inspired me to get back up and live. Thanks for helping me smile today. Your story is my story and I was inspired by you. Blessings to you...