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The "GET CRAZY" Series: Meet Kimberly Jones-Pothier

Welcome to the fourth interview in the “GET CRAZY” series, loves!

"GET CRAZY" is the new monthly interview series on the blog that will spotlight professionals in various fields (blogging, personal coaching, public speaking, entertainment, etc.) that have been successful at growing in their personal and professional lives due to their firm choice to stand in their faith and work diligently. 
With so much self-doubt and fear of public disapproval, many of us young folks get stuck in shame-holes about our faith and/or are afraid to dream big plus WORK for a greater future. I believe it has always taken courage (the ability to act in faith with fear present) for people to achieve great feats - more specifically, the courage to be 'Crazy'. 
The courage to be different. The courage to dream of visions for a future you can't physically see yet. The courage to live a life of faith in all areas (personal, professional, social, etc.) knowing there will be opposition and mockery from folks around the corner. The courage to build a legacy, daily, that honors God and will serve people for generations to come. The courage to decide to be a positive impact on the world even when you feel like you're nowhere near good enough.

And I’m happy to share with you some of the people that embody this very courage in their lives in the hopes that they can inspire us all to “get crazy” ourselves. (If you haven't already, check out the First Interview, Second Interview, and Third Interview.) Today, we'll be meeting Kimberly Jones-Pothier.

Kimberly Jones-Pothier is a pastor, conference speaker, life coach, and mentor. She travels the world preaching, teaching, and leading people back to the love of God. Her assignment is simple: To love people back to life. Kimberly believes that every person has purpose, passion, and power - and she uses the tools of preaching, outreach, and worship to help others discover this truth of their lives.

Known to many as "RealTalkKim", Kimberly ministers to people around the world through her daily Facebook posts, tweets, blog posts, and YouTube videos.

Kimberly is the founder of Conquering Hell in High Heels, a women's ministry that serves to encourage, motivate, and uplift women in the Word and truth of God. She hosts an annual "Conquering Hell in High Heels" conference for women to converge, listen to & study the Word of God, and support one another in love.

Kimberly is committed to her walk of faith and to the beautiful purpose placed on her life.

I came across some of Kimberly's YouTube videos earlier this year and it was evident to me that she had a true love and appreciation for God and people - which I was beyond impressed with! The most attractive thing to me about Kim was her transparency when it came to her past way of life, the mistakes she made, the heartbreak she suffered, and the lessons she learned. I started following her on Twitter and I must tell you that her posts are FULL of godly encouragement and truth.

I was definitely excited at the idea of having her as a guest for the series and hopeful that she'd agree to participate. And what do you know? She said YES :)

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Kimberly Pothier! Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. How has getting "crazy" in faith helped you in your life as preacher/speaker/coach?

I think I  had to have "crazy" faith to step out and be the change that this world needs to see. To be that one person who is unapologetically myself and because of that, God is enlarging my territory and trusting me to reach the masses. I made a commitment to God that I would never sell out. I would never fall into the fake side just to be accepted. I would be "RealTalkKim" always. I would stay humble, transparent, honest and loving while restoring hope to the hopeless. 
2. What motivates you to hold on to your faith when you're feeling
doubtful and afraid in your ministry?

Reminding myself of that one person who felt so hopeless and believed suicide was their only hope until God divinely connected us. God using me to wrap my arms around someone and hug their pain away. Oh my goodness; out of a quarter of a million people following me on social media, I have SO MANY AWESOME testimonies coming in daily of God's greatness. I can NEVER get tired, weary or hopeless. I love what I get to do! 

3. Procrastination is considered somewhat of a modern-day epidemic. (it
has been my Achilles heel many times!) What's one distraction that gets in
the way of your productivity and how do you work past it?

My distraction would absolutely be Procrastination as well. Thankfully when you honor God, He takes care of you. In the last few months I've been blessed with an incredible team of people with these strengths. They stay on me, push me and pick up my slack. I realized that with my very busy schedule of traveling, I needed help. I began to pray my team in. I was so specific in my prayer. God blessed me with exactly what I needed. I'm happy to say that the new book I've been working on will be released CHRISTMAS, 2014 ;) Thanks to the awesome people who have my heart beat. They are assigned to me, not attached to me. We are better together. Loving more people back to life! 
4. Most successful people say that developing positive habits changed
their lives dramatically. What are some of your daily spiritual habits?

I begin every day with God. I open my eyes and Thank Him for another day, then I ask Him what my assignment is. I often evaluate my life; I take inventory of the people closest to me. I believe the people who have your ear and presence often are prophecies into your future. Just like seasons in the natural change, so do seasons for people. When You outgrow someone but choose to keep them around, they can be a hindrance. The people God has assigned to be a part of your life believe in you, love you, and support you! They push you to breakthroughs, not breakdowns! 

5. I absolutely LOVE quotes. If your life's motto could only be summed up
in one quote, what would it be?

People with the worst pasts can create the BEST futures. All you need is a made up mind! 
 6. Most successful people also say that mentors have been instrumental in
the achievement of their goals. Who is one spiritual mentor you have, and
how has he/she been an inspiration & assistance in your personal and
professional growth?

I've had many mentors over the years. But the one whose made the most impact in this part of my life is my husband. God brought me this amazing man 5 years ago. I never understood what unconditional love meant until I met him. He believes in me to my core. He has shown me what a successful life looks like by allowing your soul to be healed and connected to the Father. Nothing moves him. He has unwavering faith. 

7. Name two of your favorite books that have helped shape your positive

*Who moved the cheese
*The Shack
8. No matter how strong we are, we are all human and we all get our
feelings hurt at times. How do you handle criticism and opposition from
people in your personal life and in your career?

I'm that girl that will look in the mirror and preach to myself. Yes, it hurts. I'll maybe have a meltdown if it's super tough, I just don't unpack and live there. I am the queen of saving testimonies and going back through them. I quickly replace the hurtful criticism with reasons why I do what I do. Hurt people hurt people but HEALED PEOPLE, HEAL PEOPLE! I can't allow myself to get caught up in what people say about me; instead I focus on what God knows about me.  

9. Describe a moment in your ministry you regret when you didn't choose to
put your faith first.
Can you believe I can't think of one? God has done so many amazing things in my life; if I regretted it before, I can't remember it now! lol I truly believe that God has a way of turning your mistakes into your ministry so I look at it like "Free Life" college. Those regrets, mistakes, and setbacks, all became experience and I didn't have to pay back a dime in student loans.
10. Please finish the sentence. I am at peace when_________

I am at peace when I'm loving people back to life. It's my purpose. When you are walking in your purpose I believe you are at peace, no matter the circumstance. 

 Now it's time for the fun stuff!

Your most favorite word? Awesome
Your least favorite word? Peeps

If you were alone in your room on a Saturday night, what song would you be
jamming to?
If you get to choose one last meal to eat before you die, what would you
Prime Rib

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be? 50 First Dates (Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler...two of my favorite actors)
One city you're determined to visit in your lifetime? Paris

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Phone calls or texts? Texts

Thank you Kim for being my fourth guest! Your transparency and desire to lift others back up in God's truth is what I admire most about you. It's an honor for me to have you as part of the series!

If you are inspired by Kim and would like to keep up with her, make sure to check out her website and her YouTube Channel

You can also follow Kim on Twitter at @RealTalkKim or on Facebook.

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