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The "GET CRAZY" Series: Meet Moyo Mamora

Happy October 5th, loves! It's a new week and guess what I've got for you?  

The third interview in the “GET CRAZY” series!
"GET CRAZY" is the new monthly interview series on the blog that will spotlight professionals in various fields (blogging, personal coaching, public speaking, entertainment, etc) that have been successful at growing in their personal and professional lives due to their firm choice to stand in their faith and work diligently. 
With so much self-doubt and fear of public disapproval, many of us young folks get stuck in shame-holes about our faith and/or are afraid to dream big plus WORK for a greater future. I believe it has always taken courage (the ability to act in faith with fear present) for people to achieve great feats - more specifically, the courage to be 'Crazy'. 
The courage to be different. The courage to dream of visions for a future you can't physically see yet. The courage to live a life of faith in all areas (personal, professional, social, etc) knowing there will be opposition and mockery from folks around the corner. The courage to build a legacy, daily, that honors God and will serve people for generations to come. The courage to decide to be a positive impact on the world even when you feel like you're nowhere near good enough.

And I’m happy to share with you some of the people that embody this very courage in their lives in the hopes that they can inspire us all to “get crazy” ourselves. (If you haven't already, check out the First Interview and Second Interview.) Today, we'll be meeting Mr. Moyo Mamora. 

 Moyo Mamora is a young Nigerian author, speaker, and entreprenuer. He is a visionary leader and an insightful teacher of the Word of God, with a personal goal to empower people, at all cost, to live a victorious life in God! He is the author of "Young & Purposeful: Discovering and fulfilling purpose early in life" and "Power Points for Success".

Moyo is the founder of Eden Life Inc., an outreach organization whose mission is to bring the comfort of God's love to the broken-hearted, rebuild broken communities by the blessing of God, and preach the message of restoration, one person at a time. He is also the Chief Editor of Eden Life Magazine, an online Christian magazine sharing articles on Faith, Relationships, Finances, and Opinion-based pieces.

Moyo has a deep-seated passion for the Word of God and has ministered in college campuses around the United States, at College Ignite Conferences, sharing the message of faith, purpose, and living a spirit-filled life with each audience.

I stumbled upon Moyo's blog,, last year and became an instant supporter of his writing - his posts are always full of godly encouragement and practical steps on how to think, act, and live as a successful child of God. No joke, I was blown away when I first started reading his blog posts because it seemed like every post was written specifically for me! (Cheers to the ever-magical "divine intervention") Since then, I have kept up with Moyo's writing, YouTube videos, and value him as a true encourager and supporter in my life.

It was a no-brainer for me that Moyo would be a perfect guest for the "GET CRAZY" series so I simply had my fingers crossed and my hopes up that he would say "yes" to my request - thank goodness he did :)

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Moyo Mamora! Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. How has getting "crazy" in faith helped you in your life as an author/speaker?

As much as it may be hard to believe for those close to me, I’m actually pretty reserved and have reclusive tendencies. However, in my moments of introspection I ponder the things I know about God, and I challenge myself to believe Him in the various aspects of my life. As I spend time in the Bible, I’m always asking, “why not me?” It’s this attitude of daring to believe God and seeing Him move accordingly
in my life that is at the heart of my conviction when I speak to an audience. People can feel it, and it challenges them as well.
2. What motivates you to hold on to your faith when you're feeling
doubtful and afraid in your career?

Knowing that God cannot fail, nor can His Word fail as long as I choose to hold on by faith. Knowing that I am in covenant with the Most High, and if His Word is indeed true, I just have to pick myself up again when I’m feeling down and act according to the promise of His Word.

3. Procrastination is considered somewhat of a modern-day epidemic. (it
has been my Achilles heel many times!) What's one distraction that gets in
the way of your productivity and how do you work past it?

I wish it were just one thing for me! I get pulled in different directions, and I feel drained mentally and emotionally. Because of this I have the urge to relax, and as a result things are left undone.
4. Most successful people say that developing positive habits changed
their lives dramatically. What are some of your daily spiritual habits?

I Pray daily. Listen to a message on faith daily. Speak (affirm) God’s Word in my life daily. Read my
Bible daily (a verse, a chapter, or an entire book). Keep a running consciousness of God’s presence, acknowledging Him frequently through the day.

5. I absolutely LOVE quotes. If your life's motto could only be summed up
in one quote, what would it be?

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” - Theodore Roosevelt
 6. Most successful people also say that mentors have been instrumental in
the achievement of their goals. Who is one spiritual mentor you have, and
how has he/she been an inspiration & assistance in your personal and
professional growth?

I really can't attribute this to any one person. It has been different people at different phases of my life.

7. Name two of your favorite books that have helped shape your positive

Hmmm...this is hard. I'll choose Signposts On The Road To Success by E.W Kenyon and The Book of Joshua. 

8. No matter how strong we are, we are all human and we all get our
feelings hurt at times. How do you handle criticism and opposition from
people in your personal life and in your career?

I think about it deeply, and then I ask the closest people to me if the criticisms are true, and what their thoughts are. I have really objective friends that aren’t shy to tell me the truth. It’s always hard hearing criticism or receiving opposition (whether true or false). However, if they are true based on feedback, then I have to make a conscious decision to re-evaluate what I may be doing wrong.

9. Describe a moment in your career you regret when you didn't choose to
put your faith first.

When I was much younger I knew I had a ministry call, but I chose to put that on the side and focus on my ability to make money and become relevant in life. I loved God, but I was not just ready to live my life according to His purpose. It was about my ambition and what I wanted. It was a costly decision to focus on just my ambition. I learned my lesson, and in all I do, I constantly ask myself how it aligns with God’s purpose for my life. Not perfect at that yet, but I press on!

10. Please finish the sentence. I am at peace when_________

I know I have fulfilled what God has placed on my heart per time. 

 Now it's time for the fun stuff!

Your most favorite word? Purpose

Your least favorite word? Ordinary

If you were alone in your room on a Saturday night, what song would you be
jamming to?
I’ll probably be reading and not jamming to a song. But if I had to choose a song it will likely be Israel Houghton's version of "Our God".

If you get to choose one last meal to eat before you die, what would you
A 20 oz dry aged porterhouse steak, with sautéed mushrooms, and asparagus spears.

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?
None. I like too many films to watch just one, and I don’t like them enough to spend time watching them
over and over again. I will get bored.

 One city you're determined to visit in your lifetime? Not sure what city, but somewhere in Bora Bora.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Phone calls or texts? Depends. Long conversations - definitely phone calls. I really dislike long SMS chats. 

Thank you Moyo for being my third guest! I appreciate and love your honesty in answering each question; especially your answers to questions 1, 3, and 4. Not to mention the fact that the Theodore Roosevelt quote you referenced is from one of my favorite speeches - "Citizenship in a Republic" - of all-time!

If you are as inspired as I am by Moyo and would like to keep up with him, check out his website

You can also follow Moyo on Twitter at @MoyoMamora or on Facebook.
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  1. I'm so loving this Get crazy series , already looking forward to next months episode.I enjoyed Moyo's interview,I think He has a calm personality and his passion radiates through his words and that quote of his has entered my favorite quote archive.Well done Ada.

    1. Thank you, Presh!! I'm happy you're enjoying the series, girl - it was a joy for me to have Moyo as one of the guests.

      "Yay!" to you adding the Roosevelt quote into your favorite quote list...I love it :)

  2. I second that Presh, great series!
    And I am learning from the habits of such great people..
    Well done Ada xx

    1. Muchas gracias, Ayo!! I'm glad you're enjoying the series - I'm learning alongside you :)

  3. I love this series. can't wait for the next one. Moyo is such a passionate person, I have happened to read his blog a few times. I am learning from people like him. Well done Ada. You have a beautiful work going on here..

    1. Thank you, Grace! I love that you've read Moyo's blog (like you said, he's passionate!) and that you'll be keeping up with the series. I hope you enjoy next month's guest just as much :)