Monday, September 29, 2014

You're Not The Only One Who Falls From Grace

Oh, did you think you it was just you love?


·         No, you’re not the only one who falls from grace.
·         No, you’re not the only one who has chosen to walk with Christ in your life, yet sometimes find yourself anywhere but next to Christ.

·         No, you’re not the only one who feels guilty and regrets some of the choices you’ve made.

·         No, you’re not the only one who has fallen into the same pit more than once or twice...or thrice.

·         No, you’re not the only one whose felt the wave of self-pity and hopelessness hit you like a flood.

·         No, you’re not the only one who needs to become dependent on the Word of God DAILY for spiritual edification and guidance.

We ALL know what it means to fall from grace.

However, there is a real PROBLEM with the way many of us respond to falling from grace. (Trust me love, I’m speaking to ME too!)

·         There is a problem when we grow COMFORTABLE and HAPPY in the pit we’ve fallen into with every intention of remaining there.

·         There is a problem when we’ve got no desire to build & develop our relationship with Christ into a beautiful, joyful, and respectful (Jesus is our LORD & SAVIOR – we’re meant to behave like it, love) one because as far as we’re concerned, “sinners will always sin!”

·         There is a problem when we refuse to put EFFORT into becoming a God-focused and godly person (that’s WHY we’re here, love).

·         There is a problem when after we fall, we feel no remorse about it and instead claim that we “live life with no regrets!” (Which by the way, is a worldly concept, not a godly one.)

·         There is a problem when we say we’re “Christians” yet haven’t chosen to follow Christ a day in our lives – instead we’ve followed our egos, insecurities, self-only ambitions, and of course other people. (Take a moment to think of who you really follow in your life.)

·         There is a problem when we don’t seek the Holy Spirit to guide us in life but instead choose to be guided by SELF (There is no such thing as an “independent Christian” , loves – Jesus’ disciples were straight up DEPENDENT on Him; you’re either one or the other).

·         There is a problem when we see “grace” as an opportunity to continually abuse the mercy of God. (True love for God and gratitude for His mercy is the reason we’d want to intentionally stay away from sin, not run towards it.)

There is a problem with the way many of us respond to falling from grace.
You’re not the only one who falls from grace, love. You, me, and cousin Lucy do. The key is to respond to our falls from grace in a godly way. Let's intentionally ask the Holy Spirit for clarity and conviction in our lives. When we fall, let’s truly be REPENTANT, GET BACK UP, hold onto God even TIGHTER, and remain COMMITTED to growing as true Christians. It would be unfortunate to keep falling into the same pits for the rest of our lives.

 Let’s make the choice instead to spiritually grow and run our Christian-race well :)

What are your thoughts on this topic, love? Do you find yourself getting comfortable and complacent when you fall from grace? What specific practices do you do when you feel like you've fallen from grace and need to get back up? Leave a comment below:) 
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  1. Another thing that stops peeps from getting back up is unwillingness to forgive ourselves. We think it's some sort of penance to not want to forgive ourselves after we've fallen..well, the Lord has forgiven us and is ready to restore us back, and we should too.

    Great post Ada! Happy new week

    1. So true! We forget that God has already forgiven us and if we hold on to an unforgiving spirit towards ourselves then we can NEVER be able to truly forgive others - we can only give to others what we have within ourselves.

      The key is to forgive ourselves and then renew our commitment to our spiritual change and growth.

      Thank you for reading the post and commenting, Frances! I hope you have a great week :))