Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whose Voice Is The Loudest?

Your boyfriend? Your friends? Your dad? Your cousin? Your co-workers? The reality show stars you watch on TV each week? A celebrity? The hosts on CNN? Your ego?


The person whose voice sounds the loudest in your mind is the person you idolize.

That’s the person you listen to and respect the most. That’s the person you emulate and resemble the most. That’s the person you are the most excited to talk to and love spending your time with the most. That’s the person that has domain over your belief system and mindset. That’s the person you live your life to please and be approved by. That’s the person who sits on the throne in your mind as “alpha” or “numero uno”.

That’s the person you’ve made your God.

Be mindful of who you’ve made your God in your life. Be mindful of who you’ve chosen to base your ENTIRE life on. Be mindful of whose words you replay in your mind, day in and day out, as gospel truth.

Be mindful of the person you’ve chosen as your God.

Know this, loves: if we’ve made anyone else other than GOD our God, we’ve missed the mark.

If you’re not sure who you’ve made your God, start paying attention to whose voice sounds the loudest in your head.

And if it’s not GOD’s, it’s time you get back in spiritual alignment and put your priority list in proper order. (Same goes for moi:)

Tell me, loves, do you find yourself putting the approval, choices, and opinions of other people before GOD in your life? If you're good at noticing when you're priority list is out of order, what are some practices you do to keep yourself mindful? Leave a comment below:) 
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