Monday, September 15, 2014

Who Lied To You, Love?

Who told you that you need the approval of anyone other than GOD to live out your God-given purpose?

Who told you that your God-given purpose is about you? Your purpose is about OTHERS. It’s how YOU can give glory to God and serve others with your life.

Who told you that anyone else has to “get” or support your vision? When God gives you a vision, he doesn’t tell you that He’ll send a subsequent memo to everyone else.

Who told you that you’re too small and insignificant to make a godly different in the world that will positively affect people for generations to come? The apostle Peter was a fisherman - he became the ROCK of the Church.

Who told you that you can be a “Christian” and “normal” at the same time? I’m sorry if you thought you could love but the truth is Jesus STOOD OUT – if you want to follow Him, you’re going to have to accept that you’ll stand out too.

Who told you that being gentle with others meant embracing beliefs you don’t agree with and shying away from telling others what you do believe? You’ll never have a great life without COURAGE. You’ll never be able to truly love & serve people without having the COURAGE to tell them the truth.

Who told you that you’re “better” than anyone else and that you have the right to gossip about how “imperfect” others are? Your prayers on their behalf will do MUCH MORE good instead. Besides, you’ve got a LIFETIME of spiritual growth you need to get to (Ay, caramba! So do I).

Who told you that you get to determine when anyone else besides yourself accepts and applies certain truths in their lives? (LOUD SPEAKER TO ADAEZE – “You don’t control anyone! Get over it.” lol)

Who told you that it’s judgmental and hypocritical to replace your negative environment with a more positive & productive one? Your environment is the GREATEST influence on who you will be and the life you will live. You don’t stop hanging around toxic environments because you’re “better” than the people in them; you’re not. You stop it because you’re human, WEAK, and susceptible to temptation.

Who told you that when you feel lonely it actually means you’re alone? God is ALWAYS with you – you just might have your eyes focused on the wrong person or things at the moment (I know how that goes:)

Who told you that you’re supposed to follow every thought, feeling, and desire you have just because it’s there? Some thoughts/feelings/desires are godly and some are NOT. Use you Godfilter (a.k.a God’s Word) to determine which to keep and which to replace.

Who told you that building your relationship with Jesus would be a “walk in the park”? It will be a wonderful mix of joy, tests, peace, trials, gratitude, doubt, laughter, and tears resulting in a DEEPER and MORE BEAUTIFUL relationship between you and Christ. Be prepared for it ALL because “growing pains” are also an important part of spiritual GROWTH.

Who told you that you need to look like your peers, dress like your peers, or live the same lifestyle as your peers, to be “relevant”? You become “relevant” the minute you decide to live in the truth of who you are, whose you are, and what you were born to do (your God-given purpose).

Who told you that you need to get married and have kids by a certain age to be happy? Happiness is a CHOICE you make the minute you decide you want it; it’s an INTERNAL affair. Be happy for what you have (trust me, you already have A LOT loves) and rest in the knowledge that anyone/anything you are meant to have in life will be yours when the time is right. And in regards to the expectations and gossip of others about your age and relationship status, I advise you to start saying “NO” to people-bondage. If you live for the approval and opinions of others, you will perpetually suffer…no bueno.
Who told you a host of other lies that have kept you depressed, hopeless, lacking in godly confidence, self-absorbed, uninterested in God, and unforgiving towards yourself and others?
Whoever he or she is (it might be YOU; sometimes we’re the ones who lie to ourselves), it’s time you tell the person “thank you and good bye!”
And if the person comes back (you know how stubborn we can be), say it again…and again…and AGAIN :)
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  1. Awesome post. It reminds me of the devil's first hit back in the garden when he asked Eve: who told you that...? Keep up the great work Ada!

    1. Thanks for commenting, George!! You made a great reference back to Eve in the garden - so true!

      And thank you for the compliment :)

    2. You're welcome, "anonymous!" If only I knew your name...then I could greet you properly lol