Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No One Likes A Quitter!

Who told you that?

The statement “no one likes a quitter” is one that has replayed in the minds of many of us from the time we were little children. We’re always told to work as hard as we can at anything we do and never, ever, EVER quit.

Truth: The “NEVER QUIT” slogan is only applicable in some circumstances.

For example, your faith in God. That is one area that you hopefully don’t quit in because it would be a GREAT loss to your soul if you chose to. For some situations however, not only are we allowed to quit, we NEED to quit. I’ll give you some examples of situations you might want to quit and always have the choice to quit.

  • You have the CHOICE to quit your toxic environment (i.e. sexually explicit, profanity-laden music, videos, and sometimes workplaces) that has pushed you farther and farther AWAY from your focus on, and interest in, Christ.

  • You have the CHOICE to quit entertaining foolish arguments in your life brought upon by folks who LOVE and get a true kick out of foolish arguments. (Why are you joining in? No one is forcing you).

  • You have the CHOICE to quit basing your life on your “feelings” and instead base it on God’s truth – which your feelings might or might not match up to at times. (FYI, this requires that we use our GODFILTER.)

  • You have the CHOICE to quit using your looks, weight size, and the opinions of others on your looks & weight size, as the barometer of your worth. (If you haven’t already loves, you can download my free eBook “GETU.G.L.Y.” to learn how to do this better.)

  • You have the CHOICE to quit calling those that are considered activists, humanitarians, and philanthropists “fake” or saying that they’ve got an “agenda”. You’re WASTING your time. Instead, how about you (and I) GET UP and find out the way(s) we can and are suited to assist folks. That is so much MORE effective and loving than criticizing others from the sidelines. (No one can help everyone, but at any given time, everyone can surely help SOMEONE. What have YOU been doing to help, loves?)

  • You have the CHOICE to quit those “friends” that tell you it’s “NOT OKAY” and “WEIRD” when you make the decision to be abstinent before marriage but then say it’s more than “OKAY” when you miss Church on Sunday. (Ok, let me get this straight: ”yay” for spiritual desolation and the risked increase of STD’s yet “nay” for spiritual edification and focus on your Lord & Savior? You better start SOULCHECKING your friendships, loves.)

  • You have the CHOICE to quit those bad habits that have caused you (and those around you) more physical/spiritual harm than help and are impeding you from growth in your life. (NOTE TO ADAEZE)

  • You (and I) have the CHOICE to quit a lot of things. The key is to know what to quit and what not to quit. (You aren't supposed to just quit everything in your life because it gets tough- some things are there to strengthen you and enhance your growth. You'll need the gift of discernment to know which is which. You can get that by sincerely asking for clarity and guidance from GOD.)

Don’t let the “no one likes a quitter” line fool you. People say a lot of things. They have a lot of opinions. Many times, they’re WRONG. If you truly need to quit something (or a relationship - i.e. a boyfriend that has no respect for God, uses you as a tool for sexual gratification, and treats you like the dirt under his shoe), then you better start quitting.

N-O-W :)

What do you think, loves? Do you find yourself subscribing to the "no one likes a quitter" philosophy in your life? Is there something in your life that you know you need to quit but have been terrified to because of what people might say? Is there something you've quit in your life that has enhanced your spiritual growth? On the other hand, is there something you've quit in your life that you think was a mistake? Leave a comment below:) 
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  1. People's opinions indeed. In life I have learnt to love my self and know my self worth. Got a set back where I was afraid of quitting a job despite being treated disrespectfully. Things didn't work out. I learnt the hard way.
    Recently a similar situation did occur and I took the necessary steps prayed about it. Had peace and did send my resignation letter. It was truly toxic and the turnover was high. Although a career agent recently said I took a wrong decision.. I am like that's your own opinion.
    I have warded away all the toxic people from my life and I am unapologetic about it. Lots of peace and shalom...

    1. Yay to more peace and less toxicity! I love that you prayed about the job situation before sending in your resignation letter. I'm convinced that if we approached all situations in life with prayer, we'd gain so much more clarity in our lives and have much more peace with the decisions we make.

  2. Excerpt from my latest Proverbs Blog-Along post... from Chapter 23

    4 Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. (NLT)

    Sometimes you hear people saying that you should never quit at this or that. But truthfully, there are some things that at the end of the day aren't worth pursuing. It takes wisdom to know when it's time to move on (moving on sounds better than giving up).


    1. Lol @ "moving on sounds better than giving up"!

      We would all do well to pay more attention to the Proverbs - there are timeless truths in there that we need in our daily lives.

      Like you said Berry, it takes wisdom to know when it's time to move on and that's what I continually pray to have.

  3. There's no better way to put this together. Wisdom is profitable to direct. I love the piece

    1. Thank you, Nma! My dear, it is that wisdom that I want more of in this life so I can see the road in front of me instead of remaining lost in the dark lol

  4. Fabulous article as always.

    quitting a toxic enviroment where the turnover of staff is high. Defo

    ehm I just learnt soul ties not only in reference to sex but also friendships.

    Lesson learnt before taking a decision I will not allow fear or lack to motivate me. So as most probably not use the word quit.

    Pray about it and get a decision... guidelines such as these not only in friendship most likely lifestyle too

    Excerpt below from internet
    Check their motives, here are a few things to watch for.

    1.Is this person a compromising person or is it their way or no way.

    2. Are they self-centered?

    3.Do they have a giving spirit or do they always want to take?

    4.Are they kind, gentle and above all loving?

    5 Are they saved and walking with Jesus?

    6 Are they controlling or manipulative? Beware

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the article! I definitely see your point about soul ties applying to friendships too.

      I love that you mentioned you won't continue allowing "lack" to motivate you - it is definitely the biggest motivator for many of us in life so being mindful of that and consciously choosing godly motivators instead is the way to go.

      Pray indeed! I can attribute any suffering I've had in my life with making decisions and accepting the outcomes of those decisions to choosing worry over prayer. No bueno!

      I love the friend questions! I believe we should be as intentional about picking our friends as we are with picking a spouse.