Thursday, August 28, 2014

When You're Sick of All The Positivity Talk

It’s true.

Not every day will feel like a “happy day”. Not every moment will feel inspiring and moving. There are some days you just don’t want to get out of bed. There are some moments you look at the work you’re doing and wonder if it really makes a godly difference or if you are just deluding yourself. There are some moments you stumble on your quest for spiritual growth and all you want to do is throw in the towel because heck, “I’m just not perfect and I never will be!” There are some moments when you’ll feel this “God-given purpose” talk is overrated and you should just spend your life worried, self-absorbed, judgmental, and uninterested in God; only concerned with gossiping about others and making a quick buck along the way like “everyone else”.
There are some moments when you feel you’ve simply HAD ENOUGH.
I know those days and moments well. (If only you were there to witness some of my classic meltdowns!)
So, what are you to do when you feel the overwhelming push to fold your hands and go back to living your normal, self-only, ungodly version of life?
First, take a deep breath. In fact, take ten. Accept that you feel exactly the way you feel and it is NORMAL (we are all humans and our condition comes with a side of feelings!) Then you do what I like to refer to as Godfiltering. Analyze each feeling you have and weigh it against godly truth.  Remember, you are not meant to operate out of your feelings but truth instead.
When you do this practice you’ll realize that your feelings say your work is small and irrelevant but the TRUTH says that anything done with the desire to glorify God and serve people as HE intended is SIGNIFICANT. Your feelings say you keep stumbling in your walk with Christ and you’ll never be good enough but the TRUTH says if you remain committed to Jesus (irrespective of your stumbling moments) and continue asking for HIS hand in renewing your mind and spirit to look like HIS, you will finish your race well. (Even the apostle Paul felt discouraged at times and mentions in the Bible that he grappled with his sinful human nature.)
Your feelings say that following your God-given purpose is too hard, makes you “different”, and brings a lot of criticism from others but TRUTH reminds you that growth tends to come from “growing pains”, people who live with God in mind ALWAYS stand out, and “there is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be NOTHING.” Aristotle. Your feelings say a lot of contradictory things in comparison to the truth and the only way to stay faithful in your God-given purpose when times get tough and reclaim your joy is to continuously deny your feelings and choose the TRUTH.
Now you might catch yourself swimming in your feelings for an hour or a day or three days...or a month (trust me, no judgments here loves!)  But, the MORE you are mindful of the truth and reach out for it when such days/moments come, the QUICKER you recover from your downer feelings, the LESS time you spend self-absorbed with little regard for others, and the SOONER you get back to living the purposed, grateful, generous, joyful life God intended for YOU and for those you were born to help (in case you forgot - I surely do at times - there are people soulfully tied to the fulfillment of your purpose).
So loves, if you feel like you're at the brink of no return and are looking for a reason not to throw in the towel, I leave you with this: Anyone that ever lived a great life and made a significant godly impact did it by allowing the TRUTH to reign supreme; not his/her feelings.

If you want a great God-led life and want to finish YOUR race well, it must be the same for you.

Oh shucks, I guess that means it must be the same for me too :)

Tell me, loves, do you find yourself living from your feelings or the truth mainly? Do you use the Godfilter technique when you're feeling down and out? What ways have you used to get out of a funk? Leave a comment below:)

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  1. I enjoyed this immensely. It's important to have people in your life who won't sugarcoat the truth. If we are never told what we are doing wrong, or how we could be better, we'll never improve in life. That being said, you don't want to be surrounded by nothing other than critics. I remember my brothers' old coach saying, "I try and tell my player three things he did right before I tell him what he's doing wrong." That's good advice for us critics. Find something good to say about someone once in a while. You're doing great work Ada, I hope you can take the compliment. ;)