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The "GET CRAZY" Series: Meet Steve Harris

Welcome to the first interview in the “GET CRAZY” series, loves!
"GET CRAZY" is the new interview series we’re starting on the blog that will spotlight professionals in various fields (blogging, personal coaching, public speaking, entertainment, etc) that have been successful at growing in their personal and professional lives due to their firm choice to stand in their faith and work diligently. 
With so much self-doubt and fear of public disapproval, many of us young folks get stuck in shame-holes about our faith and/or are afraid to dream big plus WORK for a greater future. I believe it has always taken courage (the ability to act in faith with fear present) for people to achieve great feats - more specifically, the courage to be 'Crazy'. 
The courage to be different. The courage to dream of visions for a future you can't physically see yet. The courage to live a life of faith in all areas (personal, professional, social, etc) knowing there will be opposition and mockery from folks around the corner. The courage to build a legacy, daily, that honors God and will serve people for generations to come. The courage to decide to be a positive impact on the world even when you feel like you're nowhere near good enough.

And I’m happy to share with you some of the people that embody this very courage in their lives in the hopes that they can inspire us all to “get crazy” ourselves. Today, we're starting with Mr. Steve Harris. 

 Steve Harris is a top leading Nigerian Life Strategist, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Author. Steve is the author of the books “College Dropout to Corporate Sellout” and “From Friend to Fiancée”.

In November 2010, Steve was honored as one of 36 “Naija Diamonds” – a program collaboration between Inspire Africa and Diamond Bank plc that profiled ordinary Nigerians doing extraordinary things whose value systems and actions have made them top role models in Nigeria. Steve was also recognized in July 2011 by the United Nations/YFP as a Young Ambassador for Peace due to his impact and service to the Nigerian youth. A few years ago Steve began his own training and consulting company, Edgecution, made up of management consultants and executive coaches that assist organizations in becoming top leaders in their industries.

I became acquainted with Steve’s mission, blog, and podcasts earlier this year and I have been HUGELY impacted by his work. His love for God and his determination to positively impact Nigeria (and the world) continues to inspire me greatly.

I took the chance and emailed Steve about doing the interview and he was gracious enough to accept.

So, without further ado, here is my interview with Steve Harris! Enjoy and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. How has getting "crazy" in faith helped you in your life as an
author/life strategist/consultant/motivational speaker?

My relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of my faith and walk with God. He’s brought me from being a 2 Time College Dropout, office assistant and given me great grace and favour in my career as a Life Strategist, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Author. He keeps me grounded, while still causing me to dream of the possibilities I can achieve if and when I put in the hard work necessary to #ChaseMyGreatness.

2. What motivates you to hold on to your faith when you're feeling
doubtful and afraid in your career?

Well, it’s pretty simple. There’s nowhere else to go but forward and upward. I get scared; perhaps even more than I’d like to admit. But when I do, I remember where He’s brought me from and the seeming impossible hurdles He broke through to get me where I am today; I get comforted to know if He could get me from Egypt, He’s more than able to bring me into the Promised Land.

3. Procrastination is considered somewhat of a modern-day epidemic. (it
has been my Achilles heel many times!) What's one distraction that gets in
the way of your productivity and how do you work past it?

LOL. I tend to suffer from the same affliction sometimes, which is why I recorded a podcast “Will You Please Fail” (download yours here: . It’s been downloaded about 1600 times and played over 3500 times, which suggests to me that there’s a heck of a lot of people who deal with it. I have a mantra that I use to deal with
procrastination; and I call it #RuthlessExecution (forgive me, but I like to use hashtags). I’d say the biggest obstacle to my productivity is my phone. It’s constantly ringing, beeping or alerting me about one thing or the other; especially BBM or social media related. So I pretty much mute it and turn it upside down; that way, I’m not inundated with beeps or seeing its red light informing me of a new message. It can be a tad difficult, but I get it done.

4. Most successful people say that developing positive habits changed
their lives dramatically. What are some of your daily spiritual habits?

I read my Bible; go through a devotional, say my prayers and listen to a
message especially if I’m on the road.

5. I absolutely LOVE quotes. If your life's motto could only be summed up
in one quote, what would it be?

I’ll give you two of mine: “It’s not what you don’t have that limits you; it’s what you have, but don’t know how to use” and my recent favourite; #ChaseYourGreatness (oops, another hashtag)

6. Most successful people also say that mentors have been instrumental in
the achievement of their goals. Who is one spiritual mentor you have, and
how has he/she been an inspiration & assistance in your personal and
professional growth?

My Pastor, Paul Adefarasin of the House On The Rock. He’s a visionary, one heck of an executor and has the undeniable spirit of excellence. He hosts the largest gospel music event anywhere on the planet, The Experience; which has about 750,000 people converging in one location, regardless of dogma or denomination to worship God in song and pray for our nation, Nigeria, and it’s all free! No offering is even raised for it even though it costs millions to fly in artistes like Doen Moen, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett, Cece Winans etc. So Pastor Adefarasin has expanded my mind greatly, taught me how to love God more and trust Him implicitly and communicate effectively with excellence.

7. Name two of your favorite books that have helped shape your positive

The Bible’s one: I know it’s probably a cliché, but it’s true and second is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

8. No matter how strong we are, we are all human and we all get our
feelings hurt at times. How do you handle criticism and opposition from
people in your personal life and in your career?

I moan and groan, dust it off and keep on walking. Evidence terminates argument. So I go get results that shut people up.

9. Describe a moment in your career you regret when you didn't choose to
put your faith first.

Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Don’t think I’ve had one though.

10. Please finish the sentence. I am at peace when_________

I’m with my wife and daughter and beating the crap out of my friends on PS3!!!!


Now it's time for the fun stuff!

Your most favorite word? #ChaseYourGreatness  Okay, that’s 3 words. But since it’s a hashtag, it could still qualify as one word, right? LOL

Your least favorite word? No (i assume it means try harder, so i ask again
to get a yes)

If you were alone in your room on a Saturday night, what song would you be
jamming to?
Depends on the room, hehehe. In my home office, it’s gotta be David Cook’s “This Is The Time Of My Life”, in my bedroom, it’s anything by Usher and in our living room, it’s gotta be “Happy” by Pharell Williams

If you get to choose one last meal to eat before you die, what would you
Fried rice, plantain, shrimps, salad and a side of catfish!

If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be? Avengers! Iron Man rocks!

One city you're determined to visit in your lifetime? Venice

Coffee or Tea? Water

Phone calls or texts? Depends on who’s calling or receiving. Texts maybe

Thank you Steve for being my first guest! 

If you are as inspired as I am by Steve and would like to keep up with him, check out his website

You can also follow Steve on Twitter at @IAmSteveHarris or on Facebook

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