Thursday, August 14, 2014

Much Ado About Robin

The world has gone wild this week talking about the death of Robin Williams. Everyone is talking about depression and suicide. Some are saying Robin’s death is shocking and so unbelievable. Others are saying he was selfish to take his own life and how wicked of him not to consider his family and the after-math of sadness (and apparently shame) they will have to deal with. 

Everyone is talking, talking, and TALKING. 

I’d simply like to say “thank you” to Robin Williams. Growing up, Robin’s films were a huge source of pure, unadulterated laughter and glee in my life. From his TV show Mork & Mindy to Jumanji to Mrs. Doubtfire (I loved his dance scene to “Dude Looks Like A Lady” by Aerosmith) to Hook to Patch Adams (my FAVORITE film of his)…he was simply a joy to watch and he made my soul smile many times. So for that, I am grateful that he existed and that he used his work to remind me that service to others is truly the beauty of humanity.

May his soul rest in peace.

In every life there are lessons to be learned and I encourage you all to put aside your judgments and pick up the golden nuggets of wisdom that Robin's life has for you to collect. I encourage you to see Robin's life as a teaching opportunity for you to grow in compassion and empathy for the pain and suffering of others. (After my experience with depression in 2012 I now understand the divinity of compassion and empathy on an entirely deeper level.)  I encourage you to see Robin's life as a reminder that you have a God-given purpose that YOU were born to fulfill and your confidence should always lie in God and his love for you - no matter the opinions, words, and actions of others. 

I encourage you to see Robin's life as a reminder that we are all human and it is incumbent upon us all to daily invest in using our Godfilter to match up the thoughts in our minds with the truth of God's Word. If they add up, you can choose to entertain them. If they don't, you can choose to replace them. (To do this, you have to know the Word of God; to know the Word of God, you have to HABITUALLY read your Bible, loves.)

I encourage you to see Robin's life as a reminder that wherever you are at the moment, you can be grateful, laugh well, eat well, dance well, and enjoy the fullness of your human experience with the people around you. I encourage you to be mindful in your sad, depressed, and hopeless moments that the darkness may feel unbearably lonely and painful but you truly are not alone in it (other people are battling it too and God is ALWAYS with you) and it is 100% OKAY for you to see a therapist or a coach for help. 

Remember this, after the devil had tempted Jesus in the wilderness and left (for a period; he did come back), scripture says that the angels immediately came to minister to him. Throughout our lives, we will all require periodic ministering (reminders of God's love & truth to strengthen our minds and spirits) so that we can keep on thriving - be it from a cousin or a pastor or a therapist.

There's no shame in it, loves.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. 
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tomi! The issue is close to my heart and my desire is to be one of those that spread encouragement and hope in God's truth to others.

  2. So insightful and refreshing. Particularly love how you started each point with the emphasis that you're encouraging us. Keep being awesome, Ada!

    1. Gracias mucho, Kola! I'm learning more and more daily that I am not here to force anyone to do anything (not that my itty-bitty controlling side doesn't rear its head from time to time:) but instead to share godly truths I've learned from my growing moments so others can hopefully benefit from the knowledge in their own lives.

  3. Yes.
    Eat, Love & Play
    We need a balance.
    We all need a balance and focusing on God's word helps.

    I have been depressed before and I have two siblings who are dealing with it
    Have a covenant with God really helps, it keeps them engaged and interested
    in the life that they would live.

  4. Thank you for commenting and for your honesty, Tessa! When more people tell the truth about pain they've experienced, others going through it aren't as disillusioned to think they're unique with their struggles or feel so lonely.

    What your siblings are going through is 100% NORMAL and understandable. These moments in life do come. I'm so happy you mentioned they are both maintaining a relationship with God because holding on to the hope of Gods purpose for their lives will truly keep them anchored through.

  5. Yes yes this depression issue robs ones happiness and most times you can't place any reason on it...thank you for your encouragement.

    1. You're welcome, Nachi! Depression can be a pesky little bugger:)