Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hey lovely readers,

I won’t be doing our usual theme-post today. Instead, I want to share with you two bits of exciting news involving the blog. Before I do that, the first thing I want to say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone that visits the blog, reads the posts, and all of you that leave comments! I appreciate you all so much!! You have no idea how much you and your words mean to me. Being able to share my ups and downs here, share what I’m learning about life, offer you information that might help you in your life, and receive your responses is a GIFT!!! Things can be so uncertain at times but I feel deep down in my spirit that this blog will be of true help to you and me as we do our best navigating through this unpredictable, sometimes sweet, sometimes not-so-sweet phenomenon called “life”. I thank you for being a part (big or small) of Deserve Your Great Life and I am ridiculously excited for us to continue growing together. I love you guys!

Ok, now that I’ve gotten my sappy-girl moment out of the way (so not my regular cup of tea)  let’s get into the updates:)))

1.       I will be releasing my first eBook via the blog on July 21st! *book cover image below* The book will be called “GET U.G.L.Y” and in it I am sharing a) my personal struggles with physical insecurity and low self-esteem and b) some wonderful ways I’ve learned on how you can love your looks/body and boost your confidence as a valuable woman. It wasn’t easy for me to be open and vulnerable about my past experiences in this book (let me be fully honest, I thought I was insane for sharing this!!!!) but if you’re a woman struggling with self-acceptance and love, I hope my honesty and transparency will help you realize that OTHER PEOPLE HAVE YOUR STRUGGLE TOO. You’re not alone and it is possible to get through this together if we just TELL THE TRUTH. Cheers to my truth helping you accept and deal with yours. Get ready for the 21st ladies - I’m excited for you to read it! Ahhh!!

2.       I will be starting an interview series on the blog titled, “Get CRAZY!” Once a month, I will spotlight one person (writer, public speaker, entertainer, etc) that continually makes the courageous choice to live by faith in their personal and professional lives even though there are tons of challenges and oppositions that come with the territory. They will answer questions about their faith, struggles, and choices so that we can better learn how to live more bold, faithful, and successful lives. I hope the information you take away from each guest will help you gain clarity on the choices you make and how you can achieve true joy and success in your own life. The series will be starting this July so keep your eyes glued to the blog for the first guest. 

     Are you excited? 

     Should I tell you who it is?

     Should I?

     You want me to, don’t you?

     Ummm….nah! It’s a surprise!:)))

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  1. Woop woop!! Great news!! Congratulations hun.. Exciting times for the blog. May it be a truly successful and blessed one xxxx

    1. Thank you, Ayo! I happily receive all your prayers and well wishes o:)

  2. Two thumbs up. I've got some reading to do this weekend *wink*

    1. lol, thanks Berry. I hope you enjoyed your reading:)