Monday, July 28, 2014

Is Your God-Filter Turned On?

We’re all emotional beings.
Hundreds of feelings come our way in a single day. Some positive, and some negative. Most times we believe that our feelings control who we are and what we do. I can attest to that. As a naturally sensitive person, I allowed my feelings to drive my thoughts and actions, leaving me “feeling” helpless and out of control a lot.  I’ve learned, through deepening my relationship with Jesus and studying the Word of God, that contrary to popular belief I can actually filter my feelings.
And so can you.
Your feelings create thoughts and those thoughts inspire your consequent words and actions. To live a life filled with godly thoughts, words, and actions, you need to turn on your God-filter. For every feeling or emotion that comes your way (happiness, sadness, hurt, anger, pride, jealousy, insecurity, fear, etc.) ask yourself these questions:
Does this feeling inspire godly thoughts & truths in me or egotistical ones?”
“Does this feeling make me want to be more like Christ (humble, forgiving, sacrificial, courageous) or less like Christ?”
“Does this feeling make me want to be more loving to others or more intolerant of them?”
“Does this feeling make me more joyful to God or more ungrateful?”
You need to be in a daily state of mindfulness and turn your God-filter on in all situations.
I know what you’re thinking.
How am I supposed to do this?
Answer: Practice Christly-discipline daily. As a Christian, you can’t afford to be emotionally-led in life. You can’t afford to let your emotions throw you any way the wind blows. In the Bible, David himself said in Psalm 73, “When my thoughts were bitter and my feelings were hurt, I was as stupid as an animal.” I’m guessing you don’t want being “as stupid as an animal” to become your habit. Self-discipline is an integral part of loving yourself and others. Knowing when to tell a feeling “No” is essential to your Christian growth.
The apostle Paul refers to Christly-discipline in the Bible, in 2 Timothy 1:7, when he says, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity but of power and love and discipline.” Think of it as if you were training for the Olympics. There are certain foods you wouldn’t be allowed to eat because they’re energy-depleting and harmful to your body. They are too costly to your success. Realize that you’re training to be an ambassador of Christ in the world. There are certain feelings that you shouldn’t allow to fester within you because they will eventually lead to unloving thoughts, words, and actions that will cost you your personal joy and success as a representative of Christ to others.
Remember that you are the boss of your feelings, not the other way around. If the feeling you’re having pulls you towards Christ, run with it. If the feeling you’re having pushes you away from Christ, replace it. Christly-discipline will afford you much more peace/joy and much less sorrow/regret in your life. (I know I’ve felt hurt and said mean-spirited things to acquaintances and loved ones in the past that I still regret today. If I had developed enough Christly-discipline then to turn on my God-filter, I would have spoken with a spirit of love to resolve the situation and not with an unforgiving spirit to hurt back.)
I know what else you’re thinking.
How will I know which feelings to go with?
Answer: Read your Bible and study the Word of God. The more you know about the life of Jesus and His teachings, the more you’ll know about the truths of God. And when you find yourself in a situation where your feeling produces thoughts that don’t match up with God’s word (for example, you feel insecure about your looks and have thoughts of worthlessness) you know you need to replace your self-loathing thoughts with ones of acceptance and appreciation for yourself as someone loved by God and considered important enough for Christ to sacrifice his life for on the cross. You won’t be able to effectively use this God-filter technique if you don’t keep yourself familiarized with scripture.
God-filtering is not a one-time practice; it is a lifelong process. It will take daily mindfulness and a willingness to commit. It will seem like a hassle at times (especially when you just want to cuss someone out for cutting you in traffic) but if you make it a habit in your life, you will enjoy more loving, peaceful, and compassionate interactions with others. And the best part is you will become more like Christ and enjoy a sweeter relationship with Him.
The question now is: when will you turn your God-filter on?

What do you think, loves? Do you believe in the God-filter philosophy? Have you been using your God-filter or has it been turned off in your life? Leave a comment below:)

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  1. Thank you so much for this.. I need to work on my God-filter and I know. May God help me. Thanks.

    1. You're more than welcome, Amusu! Thank you for your honesty - it's not always easy to admit our weaknesses and where we need to improve on but it's always necessary for our growth:) May God help us all with this because I am not perfect either lol

  2. I love Jesus but so many things I'm doing is not in line with God's Word....Pray for me that God come in and do what I can't do and the world can't do in my life!