Thursday, July 24, 2014

Do People Call You Fake?


Many of us spend our lives in fear of people.

What will they say about me?

What will they think about me?

How will they judge me?

Will they like me?

Will they hate me?

Do they think I’m fake?

And this fear of what others will think can and does impede us from fully living courageous, improved, and positively impacting lives. Truth:

Some people WILL consider you fake as you improve your life.

Don’t fret about it. In fact, have empathy for them. You see, if you are on a journey of self-improvement and development, it means that the more you go forward the less you resemble your past – past thoughts, past words, past actions, etc. You are literally replacing an old version of you with a new & improved version of you – it is bound to feel fake to folks!  Especially to those who have seen you in your weak and low character-moments.

It is HARD for people to understand that you suddenly want to “be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” It is HARD for people to understand that you want to start living mindfully and grow in self-discipline with your thoughts, words, and actions. It is HARD for people to understand that you want to think before you act instead of just “going with your feelings” like “everyone” else does.
It is HARD for people to understand that you want to replace your old, negative environment with a new, positive one. It is HARD for people to understand that you want to be conscious of how you influence others and effect change in the world. 

It is HARD for people to understand that you want to actually have an intimate relationship with Christ and not just wear “WWJD” bracelets. It is HARD for people to understand that you are living in faith yet you still get tempted and have failing moments (I get crushed and doubtful myself when I fail!) It is HARD for people to accept your growth. And so, it is much easier for them to call you “fake”. And as people, we have a preference for the easy way out.  Relax. It’s no reason to stop you.

Don’t stop growing. Don’t stop improving. Don’t stop putting in effort to be a more empathetic, compassionate, forgiving, courageous, productive, and loving human being. Don’t stop because you have moments when you mess-up and fall from grace – get up STRONGER, WISER, and more LOVING in your faith. Don’t stop just because some people call you “fake”. The apostle Paul was a man who went from MURDERING Christians to repenting and preaching the way of Christ to the Gentiles!

Don’t you think some folks considered him fake?

The apostle Peter went from denying Christ THREE TIMES to repenting and becoming the rock upon which Christ built his church!

Don’t you think some folks considered him fake?

Of course they did. It’s expected. The good news: that didn’t stop these men or the other great men and women of God from growing as faithful beings and fulfilling their God-given purposes. And it doesn’t have to stop you. Being labeled “fake” isn’t a death sentence. Being labeled “fake” doesn’t have the power to stop you from improving spiritually and impacting your world greatly as a child of God unless YOU allow it to.

Stop worrying about who is or isn’t calling you fake. Stop worrying about being a people pleaser – become a God-pleaser instead. Start focusing on the daily improvement of your mind, body, and soul. Start focusing on strengthening your relationship with Christ and studying his life for instruction. Start focusing on how best you can use YOUR life to give God glory and serve others. Start focusing on living a grateful life filled with the peace, joy, and contentment of God.

Some people will call you fake and some won’t. That really isn’t your concern. Your concern should be that you have an authentic and honest relationship with Christ. Your concern should be that you maintain your integrity and actually say what you mean and mean what you say. Your concern should be that when you stumble, you repent and hold on to God tighter than before. Your concern should be that if you believe and love God, you will do your best to surrender to His will and live for Him.
Now if you claim to be a believer yet make no effort to live by God’s Word and instead want to “do you”, that’s what will make you “fake”.

What do you think, folks? Do you find yourself downplaying your new/renewed faith because you're afraid of being called fake? Do you think people can change or are you more of the "once a thief, always a thief" school of thought? Leave a comment below:)

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  1. Great post, Ada. Very close to something i shared recently..Fear cuts deeper than swords.. It's important for people who have genuinely changed for good to keep at it, and ignore the opinion of others.

  2. Thanks, Emeka!! It can feel tough to keep going but we need to remember that we don't answer to naysayers; we answer to Chukwu. That gives us the strength we need to further improve:)

  3. Wow I really enjoyed reading this. I 've always believed thay the best way to success is self improvements and being yourself regardless of what others may think about you. Great post.


    1. Thanks, Uzo! It's a message that so many of us need to be reminded of. It can get hard to push forward in life when you are constantly being criticized and labeled "fake". But the more we are reminded that it is in fact part of the growth process, the more we can focus on actually GROWING.