Thursday, May 8, 2014

The #2 Lie You Tell Yourself About Giving

“I shouldn't expect anything back.”

That’s probably why you’re not much of a giver right now. You’re wondering, “what’s in it for me?” Giving with no expectation of getting feels like you’re getting shafted. This belief has demotivated you from becoming a lifelong giver – which if you are a Christian, is what your entire faith is about. Truth: Givers ALWAYS get.

Every time you give to someone else, you create a karmic return of blessings into your life.

Don’t let anyone fool you love, there is no such thing as giving with no return. People may post cute quotes on Twitter/Instagram with phrases like “it feels so good to give knowing I won’t get anything back” but the reality is that “good feeling” they had is what they got back. If you give, you will definitely get. Why? No good deed goes unnoticed and unrewarded. (I didn’t make this up, the Bible says so.) It might be directly from the person you’ve helped or from a stranger later on; it might be tangible like money/free tickets to a concert performance by your favorite artist or intangible like peace of mind; it might be a blessing you receive or a blessing one of your loved ones receives; it might be today or it might be in 10 years from now or it might be in the next life. Whatever the case may be, you will get back for what you give.

Every time you give to someone else, you create a karmic return of blessings into your life.

So many times you complain that you don’t have the right job or the right man or happiness or peace and you wonder when God will bless you but the truth is, God blesses GIVERS. You might be void of happiness and peace in your life because you’re not much of a giver. You might not be getting any career breaks or opportunities because you’re not much of a giver. You might be stressed out and full of anger because you haven’t given by forgiving people in your past that have offended you. You might be feeling “without” or “less than” in your life because you’ve been skimping on giving, thanks to your mindset of getting nothing back. Give more and I promise you’ll get more.

Every time you give to someone else, you create a karmic return of blessings into your life.

The other problem you might be having is that when you do expect something back, you assume it will always be in the form of money/praise and it will always come back through the person (or people) you directly gave to. Many times you expect public adoration and honor for your “good” deed. Many times you don’t receive something directly from the person you gave to and you get pissed off and frustrated, vowing to never again give to such an “ungrateful” person. No, no, no.

You’ve been confused love. (And so have I.)

First and foremost, you should give in gratitude to God for all you have and in glory of God – not glory of yourself. Second, you should give knowing that you were created with your gifts to serve others and what you’re offering will be of value and true help to another person’s life and soul. Third, you should give knowing that God sees everything and rewards everyone accordingly – don't expect to get anything back from people; expect to receive back from God! Fourth, you should give with the realization that God is in charge of your reward and he will give it to you when he sees fit, through whomever he sees fit (no, not necessarily the specific person or people you assist), and how he sees fit (tangible or intangible).

Every time you give to someone else, you create a karmic return of blessings into your life.

There are so many other people and circumstances you will receive your blessings from besides the ones you directly assisted. There is so much more that you can/will receive besides money and honor from people. Granted, in some instances you will receive money but in other instances you will receive a smile or a kind word of encouragement or forgiveness from someone for something bad you did to offend them or a prayer from someone on behalf of your health/spirit or peace of mind. (You know what a luxury this is, right? Stress is a current epidemic affecting most of us and it’s linked to the six leading causes of death in the world – heart disease, lung ailments, cancer, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide.)

Every time you give to someone else, you create a karmic return of blessings into your life.

Giving is a beautiful practice. It provides the continual opportunity for you to form soul connections with other people through loving them and enriching their lives. It’s a shame most of us don’t believe we’re getting anything from it. If more people realized the wonderful rewards (tangible and intangible) that they’d receive from giving, I guarantee more people would be lifelong givers.

I’m betting you would be too/:

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  1. Hey Ada, nice post :)
    They overall message is very positive and encouraging for people when it comes to giving back.
    Been trying to catch up with your posts since I have been pretty darn busy!

    1. Thank you, Nicola! Giving is such an essential part of the human experience. I think if more of us understood the truth about what it entails, more of us would be happy & successful givers.

      And I understand being busy!:)

  2. True, not only giving to men but also to God. My friends don't see the benefits of paying tithes and partnering with their churches and it breaks my heart.