Monday, April 14, 2014

The Moment You Find Out The Truth

It’s the moment you're about to die, of course. 

  • That’s the moment you realize that there was greatness within you that you NEVER tapped into while you were alive. 
  • That’s the moment you realize there was a great life destined for you that you didn’t experience while you had your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70+ years of life. 
  • That’s the moment you realize you made decisions based on human sight and none on Godly vision in your life. 
  • That’s the moment you realize you always said you had faith but you never actually had it in God. If you did, you wouldn’t have abandoned God and fallen into depression after depression, with addiction upon addiction, when things were difficult or when you were in pain. You would have remembered that there are seasons in life; some pleasant and some painful – the painful specifically to test your spirit and strengthen your endurance/moral character.
  • That’s the moment you realize you worshiped money, people, and prestige throughout your life and forgot there was a person called ‘God’. (Except on Sundays, of course.) 
  • That’s the moment you realize that you wasted a lot of your life fighting for accolades and praise that do NOT get to crossover with you to the other side.
  • That’s the moment you realize that all that people-pleasing you lived for and all that envy you indulged in cost you your great life. 
  • That’s the moment you realize that at least 50% of the suffering you were overwhelmed by in life were a direct result of YOUR self-centered, not God-centered, choices. (Self-control and self-discipline are integral parts of following Christ.)
  • That’s the moment you realize you should be ashamed because you did NOT live out the God-given purpose He created you for. You were too in love with your comfort zone/pity-party/ruthless ambition.
  • That’s the moment you realize that you did NOT serve the people you were meant to serve with your gifts because you got caught up in feeling sorry for yourself, or feeling others were better qualified, or feeling you wouldn’t do a good job of it anyways. (FYI, Moses had murdered a man and God still used him to bring the Israelites out of Egypt and take them to the Promised Land. Paul was murdering Christians before he was converted and started teaching the people that following Jesus Christ was the way to God. Yes, God can use YOU too. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.)
  • That’s the moment you realize that the criticism and insults the world hurled at you worked – they successfully DISTRACTED you and made sure you did NOT make a positive impact in the world. 
  • That’s the moment you realize that you were self-centered, cared about only “you and yours”, and did next-to-nothing to teach people about God and encourage their spirits to walk and trust in the love and example of Christ.
  • That’s the moment you realize that you spent your life in the “pursuit of happiness” (serving yourself and yourself ONLY) when you should have spent it in the pursuit of God and His great will for your life. (FYI, that includes happiness but doesn’t end with it; there’s also fulfillment, some sad/painful teaching moments, with PRIMARY focus on God always.)
  • That’s the moment you realize your time and your moment here on earth is DONE. 
  • That’s the moment you wish you had the chance to go back in time and do it all over again the right way…but you don’t.
  • That’s the moment many people wait for to find out the truth. 

Don’t be like many people. Don’t get carried away by the world, the people in it, and your own limiting/Godless/doubting beliefs. Don’t wait until you’re dying to start thinking about living your great life. 

Start thinking about it NOW. Start asking God to reveal your God-given purpose to you NOW. Listen and accept His answer – even if it wasn’t what you expected. Start dreaming about it NOW. Start researching about it NOW. Start taking steps (yes, they’ll be small ones in the beginning) towards it NOW. Start seeking the truth about God and the truth about your life from God NOW. 

People are dying everyday - the ones you know, the ones I do, and others we don't. (The nightly news is proof of that enough.) You never know when it will be your time or mine. That should scare us enough to WAKE US UP in our lives to God and to our God-given purpose. 

So, let's get scared enough to find out the truth NOW and live in it NOW.

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  1. Hmmm.. Deep stuff..
    I pray with all my heart that I don't wait till then to find out the truth.. Thanks for this much-needed reminder xx

    1. You're welcome! The beauty of writing out what fills my spirit is that it helps to serve as a wake-up call for all who need to read it and then it reminds me that I need to stay mindful of the truth and adjust my own life accordingly - I've been known to forget a truth or two from time to time:)

  2. You speak wisdom, I want to learn to from you.