Monday, April 7, 2014

The #1 Rule You Must Follow If You Want To Be Successful

Stay in your own lane. 

It’s as simple and as difficult as that. 

Simple, because now you know exactly what you need to do to live in your God-given purpose and succeed at bringing your God-approved visions to life. Difficult, because NO ONE wants you to do it. 

Every second spent lusting after another’s life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

Look at the society and media culture around you; the reality shows, the magazines, social media, your local community, etc. Everything is about competition. They’ve got one repeating message for you: be better than her…or him. Everything is about having more toys – cars, houses, 150 fancy purses, etc - than the other person. Everything is about being prettier or hotter than her. Everything is about having more attention or more power or more money or more praise than the next person. Everything is about a "winner" and a "loser". Everything is slowly, but surely, depleting your spirit of gratitude and generosity while filling you with feelings of inadequacy and entitlement. Everything is about what you can get so you can be “better” than the next person. Think about it. How many of the things you fight for daily are truly things YOU want? Do you really want those brand-name heels that are painfully deforming your feet or do you want it because she has it/so she can see that you have it? Do you really want that ski lodge in Aspen - knowing fully well that you can’t stand the snow – or do you want it because your co-worker posted pictures on Facebook last year when he went skiing with his family in Aspen and now they can see how much more money you have and what you can afford?

Every second spent lusting after another’s life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

The problem with competition is that its purpose is not what most of us think it is – to make us the greatest or show that we are the greatest (FYI, we're not; God is). Its purpose is something far much worse – to distract us from greatness. How? By making us feel “less than” another and filling us with doubt and worry. By taking our eyes away from God in our own life lane and encouraging us to look towards another (or others) with jealousy and envy. Think about it. If you are so focused on another’s life, what time will you have to tend to your own lane, notice the opportunities available to you, and receive the blessings designed especially for you by God? 

Every second spent lusting after another’s life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

People that achieve great feats in life – that significantly impact the lives of others – have no time for competition; they’re too busy GROWING and ENJOYING their life. Yes, that’s right. If you’ve been competing with someone in your life, at your job, in your family, among your friends, in your community, I want to inform you that you’ve officially been DISTRACTED. You’ve bitten the bait. You are trying to be like (or beat) him/her and have what (or more than) he/she has while the person YOU were born to be, the great purpose YOU were born to fulfill, and the peace & enjoyment of life YOU were destined to experience is DYING AWAY. 

Every second spent lusting after another’s life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

I know how addictive the lure of competition can be. I’ve fallen into its trap many times. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite as ego-boosting as being applauded by others for doing or having something that is considered “better” than someone else(s). And on the flip-side, there’s nothing quite as disheartening as being considered “less than” by others in comparison to someone else. (Ask the famous ex-athletes that fall into severe holes of depression and addiction, begging for any way to stay hot and relevant in the competition, when the idolization and deafening screams from fans abruptly stops as the young & new players are ushered in.) 

Every second spent lusting after another's life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

I still have moments where I feel the pressure of competition come on. The difference now is that I don’t give it room to grow. If I feel myself getting pulled into the “competition-claws” or smelling the scent of jealousy on myself, I quickly remind myself that it is all a distraction and a waste of time. Whether my ego is boosted or my ego is bruised, it is irrelevant. We have to get over our egos. Achieving success in life has nothing to do with ego-focus and everything to do with God-focus. We are here, you and me, to fulfill our God-given purpose and enjoy the manifestation of great visions in our lives. We are here to serve others and to love one another through following Christ. We are not here to compete. (I know, the reality shows tell a different story.) Neither I, nor you, will ever deserve/have the great lives we are created for if we allow ourselves to remain prisoners of competition, arrogance, doubt, and/or jealousy. 

Every second spent lusting after another’s life is a second missed achieving greatness in your own life.

You must have tunnel vision when it comes to being successful in your life. You must forget about the other people in the lanes next you and what some of them are saying to discourage you. You must focus on God, walking towards Him (through following Jesus Christ in your daily life), working diligently, and manifesting the great visions He has placed within you for your life. You must accept that God is generous and stop being territorial over Him – He will NOT only bless you. You must understand that some things you want NOW, He wants you to have and you will receive them when He wants you to receive them (even if you don’t like His timing). You must understand that some things you want, He does not want YOU to have and you must ACCEPT that (even if you don’t like His decision). You must accept that God has greatness planned for your life and no, it will not look exactly like that of another person. Remember, your name is not “everybody else”. You must be GRATEFUL and enjoy the beauty of God’s variation in life.  If you want to be successful in your life, you must stay in your own lane. 

So, stay put already/:

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