Thursday, April 10, 2014

How To Stay In Your Own Lane

You’ll need to drop the pride and pick up a little something called humility

Look at John the Baptist. He was called a “Messenger of God”. Jesus Christ himself said, “…among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist…” I mean, who can surpass such a compliment? You’d want to receive great compliments for what you achieve in life, right?

Now I want you to look more closely into the story and realize just how easily John the Baptist could have gotten off-track.

One, John the Baptist began calling people to repentance and baptizing people with water BEFORE Jesus Christ officially began proclaiming the Kingdom of God to folks. Two, John the Baptist had disciples BEFORE Jesus Christ had disciples. Three, John the Baptist was called “Messiah” by some of the people BEFORE they knew of Christ. Don’t you think those are grounds for a natural desire for competition? I mean, wouldn’t we all understand it if John the Baptist felt a little jealous of Christ and started feeling like “second in command?”

Now look even closer to what happened next. When Jesus Christ came to meet John the Baptist and asked to be baptized by John, he refused and said if anything he was the one who needed to be baptized by Jesus.

Humility. He could have gotten prideful and gladly used the opportunity to brag and announce to the audience how important he was since he was being asked to baptize the Son of God.

When the disciples of John the Baptist left him and started following Jesus, he did not try to convince them to stay but instead encouraged them to go! 

Humility. He could have easily gotten enraged that they were chasing after Jesus and leaving him feeling “rejected”.

When the confused audience, astounded by the greatness of John’s message and righteousness, began to refer to him as the “Messiah” he rebuked them and went even further to say to them, “What do you suppose that I am? I am not he. Behold, one is coming after me; I am not worthy to unfasten the sandals of his feet.”

Humility! He could have gotten arrogant and said something like, “why yes, of course I am!” Why not? The people didn’t know any better. He could have easily enjoyed the ego-boost. 

He could have taken a host of other opportunities to compete and claim that he was better than everyone else/more important than Christ himself. 

But, he didn’t

Thank goodness. If he did, he would have screwed up his purpose and ended up as the-one-not-to-be-like. The main question: What makes John the Baptist different than most folks who end up NOT fulfilling their great purpose or having their great lives?

He was FOCUSED and FAITHFULLY COMMITTED to his God-given mission. 

He stayed in his own lane. 

He did not allow himself to get distracted. He did not listen to the fickle praise from the audience. He did not allow their words to inspire competition in himself against Christ. He did not attempt to compete with Jesus for the title of Messiah. He did not wallow in self-pity and doubt his own importance in God’s plan. He did not spend his life comparing what he had to what Jesus had or what Peter had or what any other fellow had. He stayed in his own lane, worked the life out of it, and went down in history as the greatest man born to woman. 

If you want to stay in your own lane and achieve success, you’ll need to drop the pride and pick up a little something called humility

You’ll have to stop working for the applause and praise of the audience – it comes and goes; it’s fickle. You’ll have to stop trying to show off how smart or pretty or talented or rich or whatever else you are – the truth is your gifts are from God; He deserves ALL the glory for them. You’ll have to stop wishing and praying for his/her life and start saying “thank you” and enjoying your life. You’ll have to stop trying to be better than him/her and focus on being the greatest YOU in existence. You’ll have to stop watching other people step into their purpose and start stepping into yours. You’ll have to start seeking the peace and joy of God in your life above everything else. You’ll need to drop the pride and pick up a little something called humility. So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead already and have that slice of humble pie…or two/:

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