Monday, February 17, 2014

Team No Sleep is Team No Sense

Person A: “I’m so tired. I only slept about 3 hours last night.”

Person B: “3 hours? Oh no, you wasted too much time. I only slept for about an hour and a half.”

We live in what is termed the “ADD-generation”. Everything is about ME, ME, ME. Everything must be NOW, NOW, NOW.

So much so that sleep is now considered somewhat of a weakness. 

There is this new trend known as the “Team No Sleep” trend. It supports the idea that sleep is “bad” and you should indulge in next to none of it. Apparently life is all about doing things to keep busy, moving fast at all times, and never taking a breath. 

It is a big fad in the entertainment world. I’ve noticed that a bunch of musicians, rappers, actors, and entertainment moguls promote and practice the no sleep lifestyle. I remember reading about the advice a famous mogul gave to aspiring business folks; he said something to the effect of, “While you’re sleeping, someone else is working.” In essence, if you want to be successful don’t sleep. How so? What on earth does that other person have to do with me? Or you? There are about 7 billion people on this earth. At any given moment someone is awake doing something. Am I never supposed to sleep again because people are doing things? That’s absolute foolishness. 

Team No Sleep is Team No Sense.

I even watched an interview with an actor recently and when he was asked how he found time to sleep with his ridiculously busy schedule he responded, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Now I’m sure that sounds hip to many; the only problem with that is if you don’t sleep, you’ll probably end up dead quicker. 

Let me share some stats with you from the Center for Disease Control on sleep:

*Those who sleep fewer than six hours a night don’t live as long as those who sleep 6-8 hours a night.
*Sleep deprivation is linked to memory loss and decreased workplace productivity.
*Sleep deprivation is linked to medical, industrial, and occupational errors.
*Sleep deprivation is linked to anxiety, stress, hypertension, depression, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes.
*Sleep deprivation is highly linked to car accidents and car-related deaths. Sleep-deprived driving is considered as dangerous as drunk driving.
*The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies Insufficient Sleep as a “public health epidemic”.

Team No Sleep is Team No Sense.

People are literally getting sick and dying from sleeplessness. We seriously need to take more pauses and SLEEP. Our lives depend on it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean you should spend half your day asleep. That is a waste of precious hours that you could use to be productive, create valuable content, and experience precious moments.

You won’t achieve much of anything if you sleep your day away.

What I am saying though is that we do need to see sleep as friend and not foe.  It is in our best interest (mind, body, and soul) to get the doctor-recommended hours of sleep to recharge our bodies and reset our minds for daily optimal functioning. What’s the point in busying yourself throughout the entire day to build a life and future you most likely won’t get to enjoy? There isn’t any. 

Team No Sleep is Team No Sense. 

Do yourself a favor lovelies, get some sleep.

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    1. lol, it really has become this absurd phenomenon Berry and it's scary. I remember falling asleep behind the wheel a few months ago and thanking God when I woke up that I had not hit any other car on the road or injured myself/anyone else. I felt guilty for taking such a risk. It's ridiculous how many people are proud to drive around sleep-deprived, endangering the lives of themselves and others. We've got to look after ourselves and others better.

  2. I suppose the idea behind, "I'll sleep when I am dead" is living productive life. Perhaps, it 's time for an article about balancing sleep and increasing living a productive life. What do you think?

  3. I suppose the idea behind, "I'll sleep when I am dead" is living productive life. Perhaps, it 's time for an article about balancing sleep and increasing living a productive life. What do you think?