Thursday, February 20, 2014

So, You Want To Help Everyone?

“Everyone can’t be helped.”

“You can’t help everyone.”

For the longest time I believed the two phrases above were wrong. There was a time as a child when I wanted to find the secret to help everyone become happy…as in the whole wide world. I was convinced that there was a way it could be done and if so, we would all live in some sort of Utopian-society and there would be no pain/sadness ever again.
 I was right…about one of the statements above. The first phrase is incorrect. The second, however, is correct.

Everyone CAN be helped; I just can’t be the one to help everyone. Neither can you.

Not too many years ago I found myself trying to refute this. I believed that if I continued talking and telling stories and forcing people to listen to me, a.k.a. “begging”, I would eventually convince people to believe in the same things I believed – God exists and he loves us, bad things happen for purposeful reasons, you can be happy & fulfilled with or without having millions in the bank, you shouldn’t actually have sex with a bunch of people just because you have the desire to or because "everyone" else is, and so on.  I was sure I had the answer to most problems and I didn't understand why people weren't listening to me. Oh, what a wasted feat. You see I didn’t get then what I get now:

 I don't have all the answers and I can’t help everyone; I’m not humanly designed to. 

Shared beliefs, experiences, and genuine concern qualify us to help people. 
Everyone doesn’t believe what you believe. Everyone doesn’t care about what you care about. That is why some people call you friend and others call you foe. That is why some see you as wise and insightful and others see you as full of crock. Your job is not to force people to believe in what you believe. Your job is to find those who already believe in what you believe. Your job is to find those you can help – who actually want your help - and those who can help you, grow in God-given purpose and live great lives. 

How, you ask? 

Open up. Share your beliefs with the world. Start a blog. Write a book. Create music. Draw/Paint. Start a network organization. Welcome those who believe the same things you do or those who want to learn more about what you believe. Help them. Let them help you.  Be willing to learn from them as much as you’d like to teach them. Stop worrying about the rest.
Some don’t share your beliefs and/or don’t find your methods effective; allow them to find others who are better-suited  to help them (that's OKAY). 

You are not an effective teacher to everyone.

Shared beliefs, experiences, and genuine concern qualify us to help people. 

Some don’t want to be helped; it’s their call, not yours. In many cases it’s about timing…some don’t believe in what you do NOW but a life-altering experience down the road can change their minds in an instant - it's happened to many before. 

Whatever the case, it’s not up to you to decide how anyone lives or force them to accept any set of beliefs at any specific time simply because you'd prefer them to. It is your job to continually improve yourself and offer assistance to those who can (and want to) benefit from what you've learned/are still learning, while reminding them to always return to the true source of all answers: God.
We must be careful not to get ahead of ourselves and develop some sort of “savior” complex. We only have one savior…Jesus Christ. Only HE can save everyone. I can help some. You can help some. 

So, let’s help some. 

Disclaimer: Just because you can't help everyone doesn't mean you shouldn't be loving to everyone. You can be kind, compassionate, generous, forgiving, patient, and loving to EVERYONE. You are born to SERVE - yourself AND others. And by helping some, I do not mean only help one. So many of us take the "help one, help all" phrase a little too literally. There are about 7 billion people on this earth; using your gifts/skills/lessons to help only one person is not going to cut it. 

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    1. Thank you Ola. I've had to re-learn this lesson a few times already. Have you struggled with this issue of trying to help everyone yourself?