Thursday, January 30, 2014

Am I or are the Others Crazy?

There’s a famous quote by Albert Einstein that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it years ago:

 “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”

We all know Albert Einstein was a brilliant physicist and is the mind behind some remarkable scientific discoveries, like the general theory of relativity, and deep philosophical insights.

But, do we ever stop to think what it meant to be Albert Einstein during his lifetime? To have an extremely inquisitive and purposeful mind? How unbelievably difficult it must have been for him to charter new scientific territories while his colleagues and others thought him to be a mad man?

We applaud and respect him NOW but it must have been a somewhat hellish experience for him THEN when he had just ideas and theories that had not been proven true yet or that no else had bothered to explore...thought possible. 

For Albert Einstein to have held fast to his beliefs and persevered in the midst of all the doubt and ridicule he must have faced tells me he had one very essential ingredient…courage. 

Courage is the choice to act purposefully in the face of risk, doubt, mockery, a.k.a ‘fear’. 

That’s what Einstein had. That is why he was able to leave such an indelible mark in scientific history while no one remembers the names of his naysayers. That is why he is considered a great philosopher by many and his words are still quoted til today.

That is what YOU need. That is how you will be able to put your dent in the universe. That is how you will embody and support the cause you stand for.

You must have courage. 

You must act in accordance with your purpose no matter how uncomfortable it makes others feel, including yourself. 

You must accept that the vision you are trying to manifest in your life and in the life of others who need it is one that most many people are unable to see yet. So, it is normal that they will consider you and your vision ‘funny,’ ‘ridiculous,’ and ‘crazy.’ Expect that. 

I know; it will hurt. Let it. Then get up, go out and be courageous anyways. It is better to be ‘crazy’ and make a significantly positive impact on the world, forming a sea of genuine soul connections and helping people live a greater, God-centered life, than to be ‘normal’ and be remembered for…nothing. Ultimately, the choice lies with you.

I say get a little crazy/:

Disclaimer: I am not telling you to become mad. I am not telling you to go around intentionally hurting - mentally, physically, or emotionally- others and yourself. That would be incorrect. What I am telling you is to have the same courage and faith, as Einstein did in his scientific studies, in your life serving God and fulfilling your uniquely-designed purpose.
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  1. Lol @ that disclaimer. But yes, sometimes courage is absolutely necessary in order to move forward.

    1. Lol, you know I had to make sure I wasn't misleading anyone Vegan/: