Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey, hey lovelies! Happy Wednesday Randoms Day! I'm back with another set of nuggets just for you. Read and enjoy.
  • My song of the week is "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey.  "Don't stop believin'. Hold on to the feelin'". I absolutely love this American rock band and this is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Anytime I'm feeling down or discouraged I can listen to this jam and it almost always re-motivates and re-energizes me back up. Make sure to check out this song, and their other amazing songs, if you don't already know of them. 
  • I am a LOT little OCD about milk...I always think it's going to spoil before the expiration date and end up finishing it a few days before or throwing it out because it smells funny to me.
  • I still believe Vicks vapoRub is the best remedy for colds...put a little underneath your nose and on your chest when you're sick and it'll clear everything right up boo!
  • I haven't had custard in a long time and I need to rectify that...I used to love it so much when I was younger...with sugar and powdered milk too. 
  • Having big feet (size 12) can be really annoying when searching for shoes. Geez Louise. 
  • I don't necessarily care for small talk. I'm not comfortable with it and I really don't see the point except to hear yourself talk about nothing productive really.
  • My sleep cycle is not the business. I normally sleep around or after 1am and I feel groggy in the morning when I wake up. Yes, I have insomnia but I really have to start training my body to sleep off at an earlier time.
That's it folks. Until next time lovely peeps, toodles!:)


  1. I liked 'Don't Stop Believing' when I first heard it, but Glee kind of ruined it for became so over-palyed! lol
    Have a fabulouso weekend :)

    1. lol, I haven't heard the Glee version...I better stay away, I don't want to get turned off from it too!:)