Monday, September 16, 2013

No Risk, No Reward Boo!

Happy Monday lovelies! Another weekend past, another week ahead full of productivity, blessings, and bursts of happiness for the taking. A thought come to me this weekend and I just had to share it with y'all. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, "No risk, no reward" in regards to personal growth and elevation. Now we hear this saying all the time and a lot of us like to think that we've got the gist of it down, but do we really, REALLY, understand what this saying means? What it requires of us so that we can receive the great success and fulfillment we desire in our lives? 

To me, a 'good' risk is any uncertain step - or leap - you take in the direction of your personal, professional, or spiritual development. Most times we are afraid to take risks because of their uncertainty. "Will I lose money?" "Will I look stupid?" "Will anyone understand or support me?" That uncertainty makes us uncomfortable and sometimes those around us uncomfortable too. Truth is, if you want to achieve greatness in any area of your life you have to become a risk-taker regardless of how uncomfortable it makes anyone feel, including you.

You can't be content with your comfort-zone and be a risk-taker. You can't be consumed with pleasing everyone around you and be a risk-taker. You can't know all the answers and be a risk-taker. A particular risk might be lucrative for you or it might not be.  A particular risk might lead you to your desired result or take you on an unexpected journey that ends in a different - and many times better - result. That's the thing with risks, you never can say. The only certain thing about risks is that they are the prerequisites for a happy AND fulfilling life.

You have to be OK with your risks making some people uncomfortable around you. You have to be OK with your risks making you look stupid in front of them at times. Many times the reason - passion, purpose, fulfillment - you take certain risks will seem nonsensical to them, that's OK; you're the one called to do it, not them. You're the one who has envisioned a certain quality of existence for yourself and how you want to be of service to the world;  you're the one expected to help it come to life by taking 'good' risks.

If you ask any happy, successful, and accomplished person they're bound to tell you that they got to where they are by being risk-takers. They must have been scared and uncertain of the outcome of their risks but they must have also known that it was necessary if they wanted any real shot at living their greatest lives and not some safe, expected version of it. Look at American entrepreneur and inventor, Steve Jobs. He was a risk-taker. He had doubters surrounding him throughout his life, and failed at several points in his career, but he took his risks anyways because although he had no guarantees, he always felt that something great was waiting for him around the corner of the risk. Now look where Apple Inc. is today. I don't have to say anything else.

That's what I, YOU, ALL OF US have to do if we want to be successful in our own lives. Not necessarily in regards to co-founding a multinational electronics corporation or having bucket-loads of the world's money, but in achieving whatever it is we desire and dream of. We have to be brave, take risks that pertain to our goals, fail sometimes, take some more 'good' risks, and then receive our due rewards:)

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