Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When Life Knocks You Down

I like to think of life as a boxing match. We go through life trying to reach our individual goals and end up having to fight our way to them. You have to be ready to go for several rounds. Who are the opponents? Our opponent is anyone or anything that stands in our way and attempts to knock us down in the process. Your opponent can manifest itself in various forms; a financial crisis, getting fired from your job, a bad semester at college, a cheating spouse, a backstabbing friend, self-doubt, etc.

Today was one of those days when I got knocked down. I hadn't even gotten out of bed this morning and I was already in a funk. I had to go to work (I work as a brand marketer for local companies in my area) and I just couldn't get myself in the right frame of mind. To make matters worse, I was working outside today and it was almost 100 degrees! If you know me you know that I don't care for the outdoors. I was irritated, frustrated, and complained the whole way through. It started off as an irritation but as the day progressed I could feel it spread through my body like a disease and I felt physically sick by 4pm.

Later on I took some time alone to really reflect and get to the root of my anger. And then it hit me. I was upset at the fact that I had to go in for another day of work at a job that I am not passionate about and I felt unmotivated. Like I've said before, I love writing and know it's what I want to do as a profession but while I am still building up my portfolio as a writer/storyteller I have had to maintain my day job to pay the good ol' B-I-L-L-S!!! This month has been especially tough because I find myself with more bills than income at the moment. Now I do believe that it's important I get through the rough times to help build my character and prepare me for my desired future but today I must say I regressed.

After reciting several positive mantra's to myself and praying I decided to take all that frustrated energy and apply it to, you guessed it, my writing! I spent the later part of my evening at home adding content to some writing projects I have been working on for a while. It was the perfect remedy because my mood shifted almost instantly and I was back to my positive state of mind. While I was going through this barrage of negative emotions earlier on, I also had guilt because as someone who promotes a positive and grateful mindset to my family, friends, and to all you wonderful readers on this blog, I felt that I wasn't acting accordingly.

I chose to write this post for any of you that might be going through a tough time trying to stay on the right path. It isn't always easy and you will inevitably have your failing moments, but I just want you to know that it is NORMAL and as long as you are determined to get back up and continue the fight then you are already a winner. Instead of beating myself up about my slip I have chosen to forge on ahead stronger and more determined than ever to actualize my dreams. It doesn't matter how many times people or situations in life knock you down, what matters is that you don't let them knock you out!


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. There will be days like the one you described and it's ok (and human!) to ride them out. At least it shows that you are not a robot going through the motions..and if it has the ability to motivate you to forge ahead with fulfilling your dreams, even better. Good on you for getting through a downer of a day.

    1. Thanks Vegan! Some days can be really trying and although I don't always like them, I am thankful because as I get through each one I feel stronger in spirit:)

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    1. You're welcome Marcus! And thanks for sharing the post:)