Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey lovelies! I hope you're all doing great and having a productive week so far. I have another set of randoms for you below. Enjoy:)
  • I can't say enough how thankful I am for my family. They are truly my backbone in everything. 
  • I always put on my left shoe before my right.
  • I love Netflix.
  • In primary three I had a crush on my teacher, Mr. Francis. I thought he was so handsome and had the best smile. Look at what was on my mind in primary three lol.
  • If I were to be any fictional character it would probably be Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. We share similar views on "settling" due to family or societal pressures. I
  • My first name is actually Nwanyibuife but I go by my middle name Adaeze.
  • As a child I was obsessed with detective/mystery stories and was sure I would grow up to be a lawyer.
  • I know how to change a flat tire...I'd rather not but if I have to, I can get it done.
 Til next time lovelies...toodles!:)

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