Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey lovelies. Here's my Wednesday roundup of more random info about me. Enjoy!
  • I share the same birthday as the rapper Lil Wayne, September 27...I just thought you guys should know lol
  • When I was about six I had my tonsils removed. I remember my mom was pretty nervous while I was being taken in for surgery while I, on the other hand, was pretty calm because all the doctors were super friendly and I felt 100% safe in their hands.
  • I have pretty good intuition about people. My instincts about people almost always tend to be right. My mom is the same way except she is ALWAYS right. Gosh I love that woman. 
  • I want to learn how to play the piano and the guitar. It's been a goal of mine for a while but I keep putting off.
  • My favorite pizza topping combo has to be good ol' pepperoni and olives.
  • I could not be on a show like the Real World or Big Brother. No offense, but they end up making the houses so dirty and I am way too OCD for that...I would probably go home after a week. 
  • I'm reading "Mom & Me & Mom" by Dr. Maya Angelou. I'm halfway through and loving it.
  • The last time I dressed up for Halloween I was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin and I was in the 2nd grade. 
  • My most used word is "surely"..."I surely will", "I surely won't", "She surely is coming to the party", "Surely you must be mistaken", etc...I love the word! 
  • My favorite feature on a guy is his lips...and I love a good set of teeth and a beautiful smile. I'm pretty much just obsessed with the mouth region lol
There you have it folks. Leave your comments below about your random tidbits and any ones we share in common...I'd love to know:)


  1. Very interesting missed talking about your love for food?

    1. lol! Trust me Moyo I've talked about food in many of my posts...I don't play with it o!

  2. Interesting.
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