Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hi lovelies! Here are my mid-week randoms. Remember to comment below and tell  me what you think. Have a great remainder of the week:)
  • I am working on staying focused on goals and daily tasks...I can get distracted easily.
  • I love watching Super Soul Sunday on the OWN channel. So many great spiritual teachers discuss their advice and effective living practices with Oprah...I take notes!
  • I'm so excited to share with you that I have my first guest feature on Moyo Mamora's purposeful-living website! Moyo is a spiritual leader and teacher whose goal is to inspire people to live a victorious life by the Word and Spirit of God. I am honored to have my post featured on his blog. The link to the post is check it out and comment when you get a chance:)
  • I don't like when I see the word "loose" instead of "lose" written in a sentence. Loose means something that is not firmly or tightly fixed in place. Lose is to be deprived of or cease to have. Did you loose something? Incorrect. Did you lose something? Correct. 
  • I don't like being rushed. When I feel rushed I get in a state of panick and end up taking longer than I would have if I felt calm and at ease. 
  • I had some of the best yam porridge and dried fish a few days ago at an African restaurant in Atlanta. If I didn't have pride I would have licked the plate right in front of everyone at the restaurant lol
There you have it folks. Until next time...toodles! 


  1. The "loose/lose" thing IRKS the heck out of me! I have a list of such annoyances. I might post them soon.

    In the meantime, I nominated you for a Liebster -

    1. I am such an English nerd and I can't help spotting this stuff lol...thanks again for the nomination Berry!!:)

  2. LOL!! Licked your plate? I'm happy you had pride.

    1. you and me both mstizzle! it would have been such a disgracing thing to do lol