Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Questions Every Successful Person Has the Answer To

Howdy partners! Welcome to a new week and a new chance to be better today than you were yesterday. Is it just me or is it when you're trying to be better that all forms of tests come your way to derail you off your course? I've been on a kick for peace and this past weekend everything was getting on my nerves. I had to take a step back, watch a couple of personal development videos, and really refocus my mind on peace and love. I'm happy to say that I'm in great spirits and I wish all of you the same. Today I want to talk about success. What is success?

To me, success is the point you reach in life when you are using your natural gifts and passion(s) to fully serve yourself AND others in the world. The symptoms of success include extreme joy, gratitude, and spiritual fulfillment. We are all born to be successful but sometimes we get confused as how to get there. Below are five questions that all people need to answer on their path to success:

1. Who am I? You have to know the answer to this. Take some time to really think about it and write down who you are as a person. For example, I can tell you that I am a woman. I am an introvert. I am sensitive to people's pain. I am a storyteller. I am a writer. I am a film-lover. I am a book-lover. I am a food-lover. I am working on patience. I am grateful. I am a forgiver. And so on and so forth. Once you can say who you are, you are one step closer to your success.

2. What legacy do I want to leave behind? I don't mean to be the bearer of somber news but we are all going to die one day. And when we do, what we will have left on earth is the legacy we created for ourselves while we were here. Some people want a legacy of hope while others want a legacy of money. Some people want a legacy of peace while others want a legacy of war. Some people want a legacy of mercy while others want a legacy of vengeance. Mother Theresa left a legacy of mercy by all the kind acts she showed to sick and suffering people. Chinua Achebe left a legacy of integrity and freedom of the human spirit by his outstanding literary works. Martin Luther King left a legacy of hope through his "I have a Dream" speech and support of equality for all people. Hitler left a legacy of war by all the Jewish people he slaughtered during his bloody reign in Germany. Steve Jobs left a legacy of creativity and technological innovation. And so on and so forth. Decide now what you want to represent.

3. Why am I doing what I do? I say the most important one of all. You have to identify what motivates you to pursue the career you're in or follow the passion you have in your heart. There are intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Intrinsic motivators include God, peace, joy, spiritual edification, hope, loving parents, family, etc. Extrinsic motivators include money, houses, cars, big buildings, fashion, shoes, etc. Many times it can be a combination of both; you simply have to identify what they are for you and always keep them in mind on your journey to success. Your motivators are what will keep you going no matter how many obstacles you face or how many times you stumble.

4. When do I want my dreams/goals/plans to happen? Now? 5 years from now? 10 years from now? It is lovely to dream, but you must have a conscious timeline of when you want to achieve your goals to help push you to them.

5. Where do I want to make my mark/impact? Your hometown? Your country? The world? No matter what your goal or plan is, you have to figure out what type of an impact you want to have and how many people you want affected by it. For example, if you love baking then you might just want to open a local bakery in your hometown. Or you might want to have a chain of bakeries in several different states across the country. Or, you might want to eventually have bakeries worldwide in different countries. You have to know your end goal so that as you start your venture, you know exactly what you're working up towards.

There you have it guys. The five questions you need to clearly answer to reach your most optimal level of success. So, what are you waiting for? Go get successful already!:)


  1. Love this. I can answer 3/5, still got a lot more thinking and prayer to do over the last two :p

    1. thanks! I have been working on the last one myself...prayer is definitely needed:)