Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Here we go again my lovely peeps!  I hope you're all having a productive, God-centered week. It's another Wednesday and another set of randoms just for you. Don't forget to leave your comments about any of my randoms that are applicable to you or any of your own you'd like to add...I want to know!!:)

  • I really appreciate random acts of kindness from strangers. I was at work the other day and a nice man offered to buy my co-worker and I coffee from Starbucks. I was so moved and thoroughly thanked him for his offer. He didn't know us from Eve but  was willing to walk all the way down our long hallway and back just to get us coffee. He made my day that moment. Be kind whenever you can peeps, simple acts of kindness go a really long way. 
  • I'd rather not take medicine when I'm sick. Even basic headache medication. I normally just give my body time to naturally fight it; I know it takes longer this way but I am afraid of getting dependent on medication. 
  • I want to take a nude art class sometime in the next year. Now before you give me the side-eye, know that it is something I put on my bucket list. For those who don't know, a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die. Most times people add things to the list that they've always dreamed of doing or things they're terrified of to help them conquer a fear. Since I'm naturally uncomfortable with the idea of going to such a class, I consider it one way of stepping out of my comfort zone lol
  • I don't like bland food. I add habanero peppers or hot Naija pepper to almost every dish I cook; stews, soups, yam/plantain porridge, rice, and more. I know I should be cautious of heart burn and indigestion but honestly I just love the heat!
  • I'm now reading my Bible everyday and I must tell you it's making the world of difference. I gain so much wisdom as I read and I've been feeling so much happier, thankful, and generous. 
  • I love the Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. It's just smells so darn good!!
  • I was watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and I was reminded just how much I loved the show when Dr. Burke, Izzie, and George were still characters on it.
  • I need to buy a video camera ASAP. I have something really awesome in the works that I promise to fill you in on soon:)...anyone have any video camera recommendations for me? Good quality, reliability, and affordability are key. Thanks in advance guys!


  1. Yay to reading the bible everyday, I'm trying to be more disciplined. Currently reading the book of Daniel and loving it. The whole dream interpretation/vision thing is powerful, not forgetting the lion's den.

    Grey's Anatomy is one of my top shows, spent one summer catching up on five whole seasons or something crazy like that. Will be sad when it all comes to an end...

    1. The Bible is awesome! I love re-reading the stories and this time I'm really paying attention to the words and lessons in each one...I was so obsessed with Grey's!