Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey lovely readers! I hope you're having a fabulous week so far. Mine has had its ups and downs, but what's life without some turbulence right? Here are my Wednesday randoms. Please go ahead and share some of yours, no judgments!:)
  • I've really been craving Naija Suya lately. I haven't had it in YEARS and I miss it terribly. 
  • I am too excited for The Great Gatsby to come out in theaters. I love love love Leo DiCaprio and he can do no wrong - when it comes to acting -  in my eyes!
  • I can't wait 'til I can afford to buy myself one of those Tempur-Pedic lower back is crying for relief!
  • It seems like every other day I pass up a car accident on the road. It's made me quite cautious (slow) and paranoid while I'm driving...people no sabi drive o.
  • I just signed up for the 3six5NG project that I found out about from blogger, taynement. It's pretty great! If you haven't heard about it yet you can go to to learn more about it and how to sign up. 
  • I prefer sponges to washcloths. This is really random but a little while ago I found out that a lot of people I know use washcloths in the shower. I've always used sponges and just assumed everyone else did too! lol 
  • I'm now looking for daily opportunities to be good to people. It can be letting someone cut in front of me in traffic, giving someone a compliment at work, buying a homeless person a meal, etc. I listened to a TV sermon by pastor Joel Osteen this past Sunday on how important it is to be a blessing to others you encounter; the more you bless others the more you'll be blessed.  
  • It really hurts my heart to know that female genital mutilation is still a common practice in Asia, the Middle East, and mainly Africa. The idea of young girls going through something so vicious and inhumane floors me. I have to find a way to help fight this madness. 


  1. Yay to signing up.

    I use wash cloths. Sponges can be harsh for me and make me itch

    1. Mehn, I really must be the only one left using a sponge lol