Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey lovelies. We're at it again. Here are my randoms for the week. Enjoy!
  • I want to be in a ladies book club. I'm so serious. I mean pick a book to read every month, meet up at each others houses and drink wine as we discuss the plot and major lessons of the book. Can we all say "NERD!" lol
  • A man that can cook is a winner in my book! So if you want to get in good with me guys, let's get you in that kitchen and find out what you're working with:)
  • I love airports/'s one of the few times I really like being around a large crowd of people. I always end up having pretty interesting conversations with strangers on the plane. 
  • I don't really think there's anything we ladies can do to stop a guy from cheating. I know word on the street is that if you "keep your figure right" and become more of a "freak in the sheets" you'll be able to stop your guy from looking elsewhere...Sorry gals but I don't buy it. It depend on the makeup of the guy. If a guy wants to cheat, he either will or won't. If he does it's not necessarily because he doesn't want you or doesn't love you, it means he has indulged in his selfish desire and attempted to "eat his cake and have it to." So don't be quick to put the blame on yourself...what you have to do is decide if you love him enough and find your relationship meaningful enough to get past it. 
  • I think it's time for the fellas to retire wearing sunshades at night in the clubs. It was once cute, then amusing, now it's just frustrating. Abeg take off your glasses make we see your eye jo!
  • I still think Peplum is the hottest fashion trend...I love Peplum shirts, skirts, dresses...if I had my way I would just overdose on it and have only Peplum outfits in my closet. 
  • I am sad at the growing rate of teen pregnancies from year to year...watching kids being raised by kids is just depressing smh. 
Well there you have it guys. I'm ready to read some of your randoms! Toodles:)

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