Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Do Bad Things Have To Happen?

Hola peeps! I'm sorry I've been gone for almost 2 weeks, blame it on WORK!!! I'm back now and ready to get into the next topic, Bad Things. As humans, we're always wishing, hoping, and praying that bad things don't happen to us; betrayal of a loved one, sickness, financial woes, disapproval from others, etc. The thing is we never stop to think that there may be very good reasons why bad things happen. Below are a few important ones:

1. To glorify God - If everything in our lives were "peachy" all the time we would really have no apparent need or desire for God. If you are a spiritual person, you believe in a higher power that you rely on to help and guide you through life. People mainly think of and praise God when in time of need, which is almost always attached to an unfortunate situation in their lives. With no bad situations, it becomes much easier to disregard God and assume a role of self-reliance.

2. To test our faith - It's very easy to say you're a Christian or a spiritual person who believes in God and love but those words fall short if you don't have opportunities to put them into action. For example, I was so upset, a few months ago, when I found out that a close friend of mine had "betrayed" me and gossiped about me with some girls she knew didn't like me. Now she apologized to me afterwards and seemed truly sorry but I didn't accept it at the time because I was so angry and preferred to hold a grudge. Recently, I was reciting a line in the "Our Father..." prayer and it said "...and forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us" and the meaning behind those words just hit me like a ton of bricks! How could I expect to be forgiven by God for my mistakes and sins if I was unwilling to forgive my friend! It doesn't add up. So, I decided to let my anger go and I was a better-off Christian for it.

3. "Practice makes perfect!" - We all know the saying. Bad things helps us practice more and more the virtues we try to embody in our lives. If we believe in the concepts of love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, humility, peace, etc then we should embrace the opportunities we are given to practice those virtues. The more people anger you, disappoint you, and need you, the more situations you now have to show mercy, forgiveness, and kindness. This works 100% in your favor because it makes you a person of better quality and keeps you happier, less stressed, and full of peace internally.

There you have it guys. Let's try to wish, hope, and pray more for the strength to get through and become better from bad situations because in all honesty, bad things will always be there and it's up to us how we choose to deal with them. Remember, there's always a beautiful rainbow at the end of an ugly storm. Do you have a story of how something bad changed you for the better? Do you have any other reasons for why bad things happen? Comment below guys, I'd love to hear what you think!

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