Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

  • I don't want a big wedding, if I have it my way I would just have an intimate Church ceremony with my hubby and then escape for a few weeks to the Cayman Islands...I will probably have to cave on this one because I'm Nigerian and we all know it would be considered an ABOMINATION if I didn't have a grand production for all society to see lol
  • I am in love with Masterpiece Theatre, especially the Poirot series! Agatha Christie is one of my favorite mystery writers and when they took her famous character, Belgian Detective Hercule Poirot, to television I was overjoyed. 
  • I think it is so cute when I see really old couples walking down the street together or eating at restaurants...they always look so much in love.
  • I don't like American football. 
  • I don't like Malt, I'm sorry Naija peeps. The drink is just not for me. Now Ribena I can drink all day:-)
  • I like taking showers, actually more like obsessed with taking showers...two, sometimes three, times a day. I love feeling clean. Thank goodness my water bill is fixed and isn't affected by usage.
  • I eat too much joke, I'm talking like everyday. I could seriously just eat bread and butter for the rest of my days.
  • I've never smoked weed...shoot, not even a cigarette. Not to say that it should be a goal of mine or anything, but in this day and age I seem to be the "odd-woman-out." 
  • I think it's pretty funny how some guys expect to end up with a "good girl" after they've been nothing but "bad boys." Good luck with that one!
  • My daddy and my brother are the best men I know. I love them both very much:-)

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