Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Might Just Be Me But...

Hey Guys! I'm glad to see you're enjoying the "It Might Just Be Me But..." series. I've decided to make it a weekly Wednesday thing. If you'd rather see it more often, like twice or three times a week, just let me know. Don't forget to leave a comment if you agree, disagree, or have any of your own thoughts you'd like to share!

  • I don't like people stopping me in the rain, or even when it's just drizzling, to make small talk...don't they understand that I cannot get my weave hair wet! 
  • I don't like guys wearing skinny jeans...sorry, fashion forward or not, it looks feminine to me.
  • I love porridge yam and fish!! 
  • I would like a slightly bigger booty :-)
  • I'm afraid of dogs...traumatic experience as a kid, can't seem to shake my fear...I'm seriously considering hypnotherapy to get over it.
  • I think guys need to come up with some better pickup lines, everything I hear just sounds funny to me now.
  • I cried during Jodie Foster's 2013 Golden Globe Speech...when she talked about how much she loved her mother, who was critically ill, I just broke down.
  • I love all of Pink's music! I feel a soul connection. Sober, Like A Pill, Raise Your Glass, Family Portrait, Please Don't Leave Me, True Love, Just Give Me A Reason, and the list goes on and on. 
  • I don't like going to the gym...I think I can count on my fingers how many times I've been to one in my life. I'm going to have to start loving it ASAP because at the rate I eat I'll "balloon up" rather quickly in the near future if I don't.


  1. I hate guys in skinny jeans, just looks weird to me...I also do not like the gym.

    First time here.

    1. lol, we obviously think alike Lara...thanks for visiting the blog! Stay tuned :-)