Monday, February 25, 2013

Cut The Jealousy Out Already!

Happy Monday guys! I hope your weekend was great! I want to talk about jealousy today. As much as we hate to admit it, we've all succumbed to this vice at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes you can be jealous and not even realize that you are. It can be feeling irritated that your classmate easily got an A on the last Chemistry test when you struggled and barely made a C. It can be getting upset when someone get's a job instead of you, especially when you feel that you're more qualified than he/she is. It can be constantly putting your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend down because "they're not good enough" when in reality it's because you feel a desire to have an intimate relationship of your own with someone. It can be watching your peers riding Bugatti's and Lamborghini while you're in your '92 Volkswagen insulting them for "wasting money." It can be talking negatively about one of your friends to others because she's "shallow and self-serving" when in reality your anger is that she's always the one getting complimented on her looks when you're out together. It's all some form of jealousy. 

The problem is that jealousy is truly the most foolish of all emotions. No amount of wishing someone else doesn't have it, whatever "it" may be (brains, wealth, family, beauty, happiness, etc), will make you get it any quicker. The likely thing that'll happen is you'll graduate from slight feelings of jealousy to serious actions of jealousy. You'll become obsessed and tormented by jealousy that you end up destroying your own life by trying to take away from someone else's. I'm sure you've heard stories or know of someone who slept with their friend's boyfriend, or sabotaged their co-workers job, or caused a rift between family members by spreading rumors, or even killed someone for money. 

Actions like these block your own blessings from reaching you and compromise the joy of your spirit. Not worth it. When you wake up each morning spend a few minutes reflecting on how blessed you are to be alive and enjoy the people/things you already have. If you work hard, stay grateful, and help others you will always be blessed with more to be thankful for. Don't worry about what the other person has or does not have, that does not affect what you will or won't have. So peeps, if you sense any feelings of jealousy coming your way (big or small) make sure you throw them right out the window!  In the words of Sweetie Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"