Monday, January 28, 2013

Who(What) Do You Really Deserve?

"I want my respect!" "I better get that promotion at work!" "I deserve a good man!" This is all I hear from people these days, including myself at times, and I must say it's sounding a little too self-centered and self-righteous. It seems like every other post I see on a social media site is from a girl or guy (ladies mostly, sorry) ranting about how someone or some people don't "deserve" them. Here's an example, "I broke up with that loser yesterday. No biggie, that fool didn't deserve me anyway. I know I'm not gonna be single for long cuz I'm a catch boo!"  Oh really? Something tells me you're not as wonderful as you think you are.

Now I'm not saying you deserve awful people or things to happen to you, I'm just saying that you can be a little less demanding of perfection in others because you're probably not coming off as perfect to them either. We get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget WE ARE ALL flawed individuals and all have areas that we can work on. You might be a faithful partner in a relationship, but you might also be extremely selfish and need to work on that. You might be a very giving person but also a compulsive liar/cheater and need to work on that. You might be a fairly honest person but also a well-known gossip and need to work on that. You might be very trustworthy but also very mean to people at times and need to work on that.

 If we spend more time trying to improve our weak areas instead of focusing the lens on other people, we will be better deserving of the type of people and lives we desire. While praying for God to send you the great job, perfect husband or wife, loyal friend, also pray for God to make YOU the best employee, spouse, and friend YOU can be to others.

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