Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Courage to Fake

Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm so excited and grateful to be alive in 2013 and can't wait for all the blessings and surprises it has in store. With the new year comes new resolutions for a lot of people and I wanted my first post in the New Year to give hope to those who, like I, want to become more positive, charitable, and compassionate towards others. This post is about having "the courage to fake" amid the doubts and judgments of those around you.

When you are attempting to change your old, negative ways and make a greater positive impact on other people's lives, you have to be okay with being labeled "fake." This will happen because people don't know how to handle change as well as they'd like to think they do.

When you go from indulging your selfish and inconsiderate ways to putting on a new cloak of compassion and consideration for others, it will most definitely NOT appear authentic. This is because when people place you in a box based on your past actions they feel more comfortable leaving you in it because it makes them feel like they've "figured you out" and gives them a false sense of stability.

Don't worry about them. The only concern you should have is what the INTENT in your heart looks like to God. Sometimes you may not naturally feel drawn to do something good for another person but your desire to be a better person is there so you have to "fake it until you feel it." God knows it isn't easy for you but he also knows you are making an effort and over time, by his grace, it will become more natural to you.

People claim not to like others because they're too "fake" and are not "real" enough. Well, I've seen the outcome of folks being "real" and I don't like it. "Real" people have no regard for others and say any and all despicable things to each other, fight each other, and ignore the sufferings of one another because they don't care enough. This is apparently acceptable because they're being "real." It's not. When "fake people" attempt charitable deeds everyone likes to jump down their throats and condemn them because they are probably doing it as a publicity stunt or just to get praise. It doesn't matter because we're looking at it the wrong way. If at least one person is able to benefit(food, water, clothing, shelter, emotional support, etc) from the real or fake action then the only thing we should say is "thank you." Our focus should be on the result, the intent is left up to God to judge.

So, the next time you go the extra mile to be kind or helpful and someone calls you fake, don't get upset, instead say "oh thank you! that means you're noticing the change in me." *smiles*


  1. This post has all kinds of truth in it. I couldn't agree more with your evaluation.

    1. Thanks! It is so hard when you're trying to be a quality person and people choose not to support or be helpful. What about this post resonated with you?