Sunday, December 23, 2012

Who Says Virgins Are Extinct?

Sex, sex, and more sex! That's the name of the game. You can't escape it these days and it seems no one would want to. Ask the teenagers. Maintaining one's virginity is obviously the "uncool" and "weird" thing to do. Now I have no problem with people becoming sexually active, my issue lies in the reasoning behind it and the uneducated risks being taken.

We see shows like Teen Mom on MTV and 16 year old moms are somehow glamorized and rewarded for having babies when they are still babies themselves. It's scary. They are too young and too stupid to be raising anyone, sorry. They're still on a journey of self-discovery and learning how to take care of themselves in the world; how on Earth can they effectively take care of a helpless newborn? Beats me.

Then there's the other gift of unprotected sex, STDs. Ah yes, from Gonorrhea to Chlamydia to Herpes to good ol' HIV. There's definitely a lot of these spreading around among teens these days. Why you ask? The main reason is PRESSURE. Pressure from society, school, and friends to have sex and "fit in." It was easier to say no to sex in my teens because the pressure wasn't nearly as heavy as it is today. You turn on the television and all you see are reality stars showing you that the way to success is through sex. You go to school and your classmates are competing for "whose the bigger slut" awards. It's not easy to say NO.

My heart goes out to young girls because many of them will grow into young adults with damaging views of sex. They'll see it as a requirement for many things in life: getting a boyfriend, being perceived as "normal" among their friends, and in many cases getting a job. Don't view it that way. Cherish it. Have sex when YOU want to have it, not because someone else says you should.

If you want to wait 'til you're married, fine. If you want to do it once you're in a committed relationship, fine. If you want to do it when you're 18, fine. At least you'll know whatever the results are it was your choice and not that of someone else playing with the controls of your life. Abstaining from sex doesn't say you're "boring" or "uncool," it simply says you're a female who exercised her right to CHOOSE.

Below are pictures of a few celebrities that have CHOSEN to remain virgins well into their 20's and beyond, even though the media world would like to send us the false message that "everyone is doing it."

Lolo Jones, 30-year old American track and field athlete. She has won several awards, including three NCAA titles, and came in fourth place at the 2012 Summer Olympics track finals in London. She intends to wait until marriage before she has sex.

Evette Holyfield, 27-year old stylist and designer. She is the daughter of the famous heavy-weight boxing champion Evander Holyfield. She is also waiting until marriage to have sex because she believes it's morally correct.

Jordin Sparks, 23-year old American  singer and actress. She has made a personal choice to abstain from sex until she's married. She is dating fellow singer Jason Derulo.

Adriana Lima, 31-year old Victoria Secret model. She remained a virgin until she got married to her husband, NBA baller Mark Jatic, at the age of 27. Before then she dated Derek Jeter and Lenny Kravitz.

Teyana Taylor, 22-year old American singer/songwriter, rapper, dancer, and actress. She is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D music label. She has also made the personal choice to abstain from sex at the moment.

Angela Simmons, 25-year old shoe designer and magazine editor. She has dated several high-profile people including rapper Bow Wow and professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy. She also plans to wait until she's hitched to do the deed.

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